13 Years On, Mirror's Edge Is Still A Masterpiece

From the architecture to the speed to the music, it just gets better with age.

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Ethereal395d ago (Edited 395d ago )

Agreed. Pure art.

RedDevils394d ago

Good game, but not a masterpiece that word been thrown around like charity.

Witchcraft394d ago

Every good game is nowadays called a "masterpiece", the word lost its meaning.

Ethereal394d ago

Can't argue with you there. Lots of "masterpiece" being thrown around these days.

I'd be the first to admit that the original isn't without its fair share of significant flaws but for me, artistically, its one of the greats.

TheColbertinator395d ago

Great game. Find memories of all the times I played it.

ArmorOfGod395d ago

Same. One of the very rare games I completed more than once (along with Bioshock and Dark Souls).

Yi-Long395d ago

Gorgeous art-design for sure, which still looks stunning to this day.

The outside levels were fun and gorgeous, the inside levels were less impressive/memorable. The whole hand-to-hand combat felt a bit unnecessary/clumsy, but when the game was just focused on running and holding momentum, it was a blast.

Such a shame that the sequel didn’t build on what was good, but instead kinda steered into the lesser parts.

But I guess that’s typical of EA these days. They’ll have a hit and then have no clue what made it special so they mess up the sequels.

robtion394d ago

Yep, same thing happened with Dead Space. The original game was one of the best of that entire generation.

blackblades394d ago

As well as soundtrack was really nice. The sequel with the open world wasnt needed but it wasnt bad.

PhillyDillyDee395d ago

I broke a controller trying to get a no guns playthrough achievement. Not one of my finer moments. Great game tho.

Fist4achin395d ago

Ha. Did you get it? I couldn't get past that spot right before the end with the oval platforms and all the enemies for the no guns achievement.

porkChop395d ago

I did. It was tough though. You basically had to make use of every short cut, and also needed a lot of luck.

PhillyDillyDee394d ago (Edited 394d ago )

I did not. It’s a faint memory but I think my breaking-point had something to do with some guys chasing me at street level? Was that a thing?

Snookies12394d ago

What about the time trials...? Lol, ahhh wonderful times...

dumahim394d ago

Time trials seemed way worse than the no gun run.

Snookies12394d ago

@dumahim - You are absolutely correct. They were worse. My brother got the platinum trophy on Mirror's Edge back on PS3. He said it was one of the only games he's ever almost broken a controller over. Because of the time trials.

Sniperwithacause394d ago

I played thru, without killing anyone(or thought I did) just for me to finish the game, and the trophy didn't pop up. After that I never thought of that game or its sequel. I did buy the sequel when it was cheap, but haven't played it.

dumahim394d ago

"I never thought of that game or its sequel. I did buy the sequel"


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The story is too old to be commented.