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Who cares about Modern Warfare when in the future soldiers get more than just a pick axe, they get their own personal Raiden-esque stealth suit? If you're bored with over-the-top military first-person shooters or third-person chainsaw grinding escapades, then maybe you need something more tactical and thought-provoking. Look no further, as one of Tom Clancy's viciously loved series returns with another installment in the form of Ghost Recon: Future Soldier. The future is a dangerous place, and the best of the best will be needed to succeed against impossible odds...enter the Ghosts.

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femshep3024d ago

game needs to come out NOW

Spydiggity3024d ago

loved the last 2 ghost recons, this one looks to be even better.

AAACE53023d ago

This is the type of game i've been missing! I'm tired of the typical shooters for now and am looking forward to this!

Still can't believe how good it looks though...WOW!

Looking ahead, I can't wait to see what the next Rainbow Six looks like if they are putting this much effort into it as well!

Peppino73023d ago

I know it got delayed but I wish I could see more of it. This game looks really promising.

femshep3023d ago

i wanna see the next rainbow too but they have to go back to RS3 or rouge spear type game to make me want it Vegas sucked wasnt even the Rainbow crew

Reborn3024d ago

I haven't heard much about this game, for a while now. It has my interest though.

Dart893024d ago

I liked advanced warfighter 2 and this is on my games to get list.
Is there a release date yet?

The_Nameless_One3023d ago

Ubisoft actually delayed it until Q4 2011.

SpitFireAce853023d ago

One of the best trailers Ive seen for a game...
would love to see a movie i the sense of that

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Blaze9293023d ago

Hey...Ubisoft...where's my Fall 2010 beta? I didn't buy and hold onto Conviction for no reason...wait. Oh I see what you all did there.

Spinal3023d ago (Edited 3023d ago )

i lol'd. LOOOOL again.

Good for me I got my splinter cell recently for £9.99. Which includes beta for ghost recon :)