Nintendo 3DS Final Hardware Specs

Check out the final hardware specifications of the new Nintendo handheld.

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darthv724901d ago

Two 266mhz cpu's and a 133mhz gpu w/4mb vram and only 64mb system ram. Impressive they can make the games look as good as they do on such minimal hardware.

Then again, it isnt about the speed but how you take advantage of it. I never realized that even the dsi was only using 16mb of ram on a single 133mhz cpu.

Impressive...most impressive.

EYEamNUMBER14901d ago

those actually aren't even the official specs no word has even been given on what it actually has yet

these are those same specs IGN said it had months ago

AAACE54900d ago

Minimal hardware?

Keep in mind that the output will be on tiny screens instead of a 19"- 55", so they really don't need much processing power for that!

Cellphones need more because they are doing more at any given time.

the_best_player4900d ago

so not much better specs than PSP

Stealth20k4900d ago

So basically this has no new information. Its not even from nintendo

mikeslemonade4900d ago

Nintendo doesn't know... Why would they know?

the_best_player4900d ago

Nintendo never have powerful hardware

fatstarr4900d ago

Gamecube and n64 were ahead of its time.

Spinal4900d ago

The Architecture of Dedicated gaming handhelds and Phones/PC for example are totally different. For example the PSP runs 2x 233 MHZ processors with 64mb Ram and plays great PSP Games. The iPhone 4 using 1ghz processor with 512mb Ram cannot run those PSP games and at best will be sluggish with framerate issues.

This is cause the GPU/Core Processor Architecture is completely Different.

the_best_player4900d ago

Can't wait to see PSP2 Specs :D

Mac is OK4900d ago

I think the PSP has 1 processor at 333 MHZ and 32mb of RAM.

tehdewm4900d ago

I am pretty sure there are two. The psp had 64mb of ram (2000 and 3000, not sure about the GO) The latter 32 is used for the UMD cache to cause the disc to be read less often. There is also a media engine that is dedicated to playback of video. All in all (no fanboyism or flaming) the 3ds is similar to the psp, but the different architecture and gpu means a lot more in programing than on pure suspicion alone. The 3Ds is very impressive (feature wise) but it is not spectacular other than the whole 3D fanfare.

badz1494900d ago

at 333MHz. it was unlocked later in the handheld life by an official FW update but hackers has unofficially unlocked it with additional brightness setting way before that through CFW. the PSP-1000 has 32MB of RAM and from PSP-2000 onwards, upgraded to 64MB. there were some issues with RAM especially with Skype which can't be used on PSP-1000 due to smaller RAM.

nevin14900d ago (Edited 4900d ago )

" Backward Compatibility. Yes.  Both Nintendo DS and Nintendo DSi software."

Sony should do the same.

It alo needs free installed apps like " face shooting" im sorry but thats sounds funny and a somewhat interesting.

Burning_Finger4900d ago

Old Relic Tech. That is slightly more powerful than the PSP. Oh, well. I don't expect much from Nintendo technology wise.