Reasons why you should NOT play on "P*ssy" difficulty

Wanted: Weapons of Fate had a difficulty choice named p*ssy, to not only add to the edgy feeling of the comic that it tried to portray, but also to insult the player that cheated themselves out of an experience to improve their skills.

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hay3019d ago (Edited 3019d ago )

Exactly! Playing on HARD makes me... HARD!...!...

DERKADER3019d ago (Edited 3019d ago )

If I play on EASY does that make me a floozy?

MintBerryCrunch3019d ago

thing is, some gamers dont associate fun with the difficulty of the game...easy, normal, sure everyone finds fun in each of those settings...some people like the challenge...others just the enjoyment of the game no matter how hard

games like GTA and AC dont have a difficulty setting and people find it fun because there is a balance and it isnt over the top difficult or too easy

egidem3019d ago

No it doesn't. But you just won't get as much skill as you would if you were playing the game on hard.

Perjoss3019d ago

I'm an average gamer, so games on hard mode usually feel more like work than fun, to me anyway.

in the end, if you are actually enjoying the game you will repeat the same section over and over until you beat it and not get angry in the process.

Pumbli3019d ago

MintBerryCrunch - Exactly, bubbles to you.

I sometimes love to relax and play a few Uncharted 2 levels on easy and the next day murdering some Frenchmen as England in Medieval 2 Total War on very hard.

TheDivine3019d ago

It depends on the game for me. I played the hell out of hard games like demons souls, divinity 2 exc and played the hell out easy games like fable 2/3 exc. On some games i put it on hard like mgs, on others that i play for fun i put on easy. The really long games that i know i dont have time to die alot on i put on easy so im not replaying a whole lot. I love games that let you change the difficulty ingame, really handy. If a game is balanced right, there doesnt need to be settings though. Idk everyones different.

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HeavenlySnipes3019d ago

on Veteran was a B1TCH. Heat and One Shot, One Kill was fucking insanely difficult. Waves of pinpoint enemies come at you and you have a time limit to complete the level and the second requires you defend a guy (who can't help you) will waves and waves of pinpoint accurate enemies swarm you. I almost broke the game....

ct033019d ago

COD4 a few really tough spots on Veteran. I must have replayed that room in the radio station 50 times.

But it makes the game much better in my opinion. You can't run around like Rambo, any shot can kill you immediately. And those enmies have excellent aim.

I even turned off the crosshair for maximum realism. Real-life pros don't fire from the hip either.

iamgoatman3019d ago

That level was indeed a bitch to finish. In the end I sort of cheated and hid out of the way to the right of where you're supposed to be, only had to take down a couple of people who coming looking for you. But even though it's sort of hit and miss getting to the chopper without being mown down.

ct033019d ago

Oh, are you guys talking about the sniper mission where you need to wait for the helicopter?

Oh yes, that was probably the toughest spot in the game. I'm not sure if it's even possible to beat this mission without sitting on one of the two enemy spawning points.

Hiding never worked for me. They always found me right away. Or rather, their countless grenades did.

egidem3019d ago

A couple of games come to mind when we're talking about difficulty.
Wipeout HD, Killzone 2 on Elite difficulty and Call of Duty World at War to name a few, did piss me off on hard difficulties, especially Killzone 2 and WaW. Wipeout is a different degree of difficulty. I prefer to play the game on harder difficulties, just to get a bit of a challenge as well as skill.

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omicron0093019d ago

SC2 on brutal is....brutal :)

moe843019d ago

It can be. Some missions really aren't that bad though. Hell I found some missions on Brutal, were actually easier than doing some of the Hard achievements.

Kran3019d ago (Edited 3019d ago ) ops-mission-4-how-long-did-it- t ake-you-in-veteran


Just sayin'.

However, Alan Wake's nightmare difficulty wasn't too bad. I was hugely brave though to go for the "Gunless Wonder" achievement where I had to not fire a single bullet from a weapon in episode 6.... IN NIGHTMARE DIFFICULTY.

hamburger1233019d ago

Reviewers usually play on easy right ?

Kran3019d ago

Usually, just so they can get a game completed and the review up ASAP. I do for my reviews, but then I usually go back and play on hard.

I do prefer games that have no difficulty setting like Assassin's Creed however.

Perjoss3019d ago

sure, games like red dead redemption are not really about wether you can or can't beat it but more about the long journey of getting from start to finish and enjoying the ride.

BeaArthur3019d ago

Most sites I see have a policy to play it on normal, but I'm sure there are those out there who put it on easy to try and get the review ready as quickly as possible.

soundslike3019d ago (Edited 3019d ago )

I remember some website like gamespot/ign/GT/etc was saying that in the new castlevania the magic was pointless because all they did was spam one or two combos, and as such listed at as a negative.

Then I heard from someone who played it on normal and harder, that the magic was pretty much your only chance at surviving.

on GT5: "Drifting sucks"
*says the dude in a AWD car with racing tires and driving aids all turned on*

BeaArthur3019d ago

You should play it on whatever difficulty you feel comfortable playing it on. Every game is different, and where some games offer a good challenge on normal others offer a good challenge on hard or "extreme".

ItsEvan3019d ago

That's true. I'm just listing the perks that come out of playing on a harder difficulty. Most people don't like to move out of their comfort zones, so I'm just trying to provide an incentive to give it a shot.

BeaArthur3019d ago

Yeah I gotcha. I always start on hard and then if that's not too horrible I'll try again on a harder level. If it's too frustrating I will bump it down.

ct033019d ago

It also depends on the game I think. While I play almost all games on the hardest difficulty, I prefer a few games on normal difficulty. Mass Effect for example, because I want to simply experience the epic storyline without constantly worrying about dieing.

In some games the hardest difficulty is a little silly. I've recently replayed Half-Life, and on hard difficulty you need to shoot about 25 to 30 MP5 rounds into a Marine before he drops. That's just retarded.

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