Hands-on With Microsoft's XBLA House Party

"We did play all of the XBLA House Party titles, and you can read what we thought about them down below. House Party launches February 16 with Hard Corps: Uprising kicking things off."

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DelbertGrady3022d ago

Hard Corps and Torchlight look really good. Full House Poker could be cool as well.

AAACE53022d ago

Probably get Beyond Good and Evil for sure, but it all depends on price for the others!

I've had a few bad experiences buying download games. I'd buy them, play them once and never touch them again... prime example, Splosionman!

TheStee3022d ago

home it works out better than game room

Dorwrath3022d ago

Torchlight is the only one I fancy playing

Bigpappy3022d ago

Torchlight and Beyone Good and Evil for sure. My brother love poker, so they might pull me in.

manumit3022d ago

I've been waiting for Torchlight to come out on xbox, played it on the PC and loved it, now i can re live the game and get achievements! Never got to play Beyond Good and Evil, so i might give that a bang too.