Untold Legends: Dark Kingdom - Mage Trailer

Cleave your way through an army of the undead on a quest for ultimate power!

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Bhai5383d ago

The water is highly reactive, than just a running animation, the Mage's cape is stunningly rendered as we know now from the IGN's preview that an entire SPU is dedicated for his cape's cloth simulation...the moves are great, the exploding skeletons are great but none of this is entirely awesome, the greatest thing about this game is that even being a launch title, it boasts 20 very diverse and appealing stages with 16+ hours of gameplay, new online episodic content, 4 player split screen and an equally stunning immersion as the Champions series on PS2 by SOE had, so here it passes fairly as a must buy launch title !!!

TheMART5383d ago

hahahaaa are they serious with this game or is it an early 1st of April joke?

Man this is PSP or Nintendo 64 games. The original XBOX 1 can do this game on like 20% of it's total power.

For real with every new ingame footage I have to laugh more and more. And I'm sorry for all fony fanboys crying more and more

DJ5383d ago

I didn't know Xbox games had realistic cloth simulation of any kind, especially since cloth simulations are very floating-point intensive and Xbox1 wasn't very good in that area.

The game is gradually improving in quality. I love the effects that pour off of the character's staff. Still looks like a mindless hack 'n slash with mediocre graphics, but the level of improvement since GDC has been astounding. If the development team keeps this up it might even end up being a decent game when it's released.

I like how the water has actual geometry that reacts to the characters (there's a video somewhere of a pool of water physically rippling when the Brute moved around instead of use of textures and graphical tricks). Sadly the environment still looks a bit bland and boring, despite the good atmospheric effects and improved lighitng. I'd rather have 6 or 7 good hours of gameplay rather than 16 boring ones. It's still 3 months till launch so I'm sure it'll shape up even more (the animations improved as well, i noticed).

TheMART5383d ago

So it's all in the cloths, right? A cape doing whoosh whoosh whoohs? You just say it yourself, you would rather have 6 or 7 hours of good gameplay.

Well besides the dull graphics (allright his cape looks nice but that won't save the game) the graphics look dull and bad texture N64 style. If you want realistic cloth movement, go watch the girlfriend when she lapdances in her evening skirt, but this game stinks big time.

You even hear yourself saying that? It's three months before launch. In three months it's impossible to rebuild a whole game and that's what should be done with this. Right in the carbage ban and work from scratch off. Only keep the cape that's cool

Bhai5383d ago

Remind you again buddy, its a launch title,and even if it looks much downsisded than any other PS3 launch title, its quite exquisite in its comparison with the 360 games, check out the graphics for EveryParty, Ziria, ZegaPain or the new Samurai warriors they are the games coming out after a whole year of the 360's launch, they're 3rd gen titles and you know you can easily compare them with N64 games. Well for 360, its really funny to see that the only games that seem to boast next-gen console feel are only 3 in number and that is after a whole wide year, based on the same engine(Unreal 3.0), which by the way is a middleware and can't be reffered to as the machine speciality engine...namely gears of war, too human and mass effect, that's it. The rest is a bunch of PC softwares molded onto a console !

TheMART5383d ago

Yeah, at least numbers speak the truth against your biased Sony talk

360: over 80 exclusives already
PS3: half of that about 40 exclusives

And best thing: the 360 has most new, innovative and best awarded exclusives. PS3 has most follow ups, as Whipeout 6, Tekken 6, Virtua Fighter 5, Final Fantasy 1402357, MGS4, GT4/5 blablabla same old story. So I guess you can take back your words of PC software molded onto a console. You can expect that a lot on PS3 as 360 games multiformat ported to the PS3 also. Furthermore, games on PC/360 is a strenght, because of Live anywere. It will beat any other online gaming platform to death, free or not.

And well if you compare this to 360 launch titles like PGR3, COD2, Kameo, Condemned, well nothing to say anymore.

This game is bad, bad quality even for a launch title.

specialguest5383d ago (Edited 5383d ago )

let's not do a comparison here, because we can definately find 2nd generations of 360 games that definately look crappy. *ahem* Enchanted Arms...Lol! looks just like a first-gen PS2 game.(Devil May Cry 1) can you believe, 2nd-Gen 360 game! so what's the lesson here?

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Eternal E 8085383d ago

this game is so lame and Bhai seems like you PS fans always use this saying "its a launch title" as an

ACE5383d ago

$hit i'm gona have to go buy another ps2 , when this comes out cos my other ps2 drive broke , so i will be on my 4th one lol...


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