Hands On Preview: Explodemon!

TheSixthAxis writes:

"TSA drops in on Curve Studios to get first-hand experience with explosive PSN exclusive Explodemon!"

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Godmars2902839d ago

Wonder why this game has taken so long to get out. Its beeen what, 2-3 years? 4?

lightningsax2839d ago (Edited 2839d ago )

Seriously, I'm having 2008 nostalgia reading news about Explodemon. I think it's a very small company, so that makes sense... I'm a Mega Man fan, so I hope this is worth the wait!

bask_in_glory2839d ago

Can't really pass a judgment on this until I get a hands on too.

Omar912839d ago

explodemon??? what is this a digimon game?

JOLLY12839d ago

I thought maybe it was Splosion Man's more serious cousin....

Deathstroke2839d ago

It's not a serious game at all. It's more of a humorous game.

xVeZx2839d ago

first maXplosion now this.....well at least this is a little bit more original compared to maXplosion

Deathstroke2839d ago

Of course it's original. It was announced before Splosion Man.

blackburn52839d ago

Saving up for this, Bionic Commado Rearmed 2 and Undesiege