Top 10 PSP Games Since Launch

"The Nintendo DS may have sales numbers, but Sony’s PSP has the third-party support. Not hindered by things like technical inferiority, developers are free to create console-scale games and take chances with new concepts without having to worry about console-scale costs. Below are 10 of the best PlayStation Portable games ever made, though it’s by no means every amazing game available—we just didn’t have room for a Top 20." - GameZone

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zootang2840d ago

Gran Turismo PSP
Little Big Planet PSP
Metal Gear Solid Peace Walker
Jeanne D'arc
MotorStorm Artic Edge
Fat Princess

Caspel2840d ago

this proves how great the platform truly is. I loved Peace Walker and Jeanne D'arc.

X2840d ago

I'll add a few games myself.

Syphon Filter Dark Mirror/Logan's Shadow
Kingdom Hearts BBS
Megaman Maverick Hunter X
Crisis Core FFVII

zootang2840d ago


How could I forget Crisis Core!?

ThanatosDMC2840d ago

Wow, wtf? No Monster Hunter game on the list? Fail. The games made great sales, have an epic gameplay, and hours and hours worth of gameplay.

SovereignSnaKe2840d ago

umm yea, i could take this seriously if their was ohh i dunno maybe 1 metal gear game on the list.... a_a

Handhelds_FTW2840d ago

No Monster Hunter Freedom Unite...

Kaelestis2839d ago

I need to pick up a few of these, lacking games for the PSP.

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