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Kevin from looks at how great a thing like the life bar was in gaming. Slowly this thing is disappearing and he writes about why it's important for this gaming tool to stay and not to turn into another regenerating health system.

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TheROsingleB3022d ago

Good article, although it clearly hates on Call of Duty. There are a million other examples of regenerating health this generation, and I guess hating on the "Big Guy" is the cool thing to do? Either way, I like having a health bar in my games.

Mass Effect 1 v.s. Mass Effect 2, for example. I enjoyed the team-HUD better for ME1, as it gave a more accurate readout for everyone's health and shield, including your own. ME2's is OK because it doesn't take up more of the screen, but you really need to pay attention to it if you don't want people dying. But that's my opinion.

DarkFantasy3021d ago

i like regenerating health but i wish it came with a heath bar!! so i could tell how much life i have left. rip heath bar.

Theparanerds3017d ago

Thanks for the comment, I didn't mean any hate on Call of Duty it was just an easier example to use.