GameInformer: How Rockstar Put Me Into L.A. Noire

GI's Dan Ryckert "As Matt Helgeson and I flew out to California last January for our L.A. Noire cover story, he informed me that we'd be visiting a motion capture studio at some point during the trip. I've always enjoyed watching behind-the-scenes featurettes from games and films that demonstrate this process, so I was excited by the news. Little did I know that "visiting a motion capture studio" would turn into me being fully captured in 3D and inserted as a character in L.A. Noire."

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IllusionRSN2934d ago

This game is going to be amazing.

FrankMcSpank2934d ago

Yes it is. After the disappointment which was GTA IV(I personally thought it was) Red Dead came in and won my heart back for Rockstar, so I am pumped to see this one. I really hope it turns out great. The engine looks good still, nothing to amazing, but the facial expressions really bring the character to life. Probably the best use of facial expressions since Heavenly Sword or Heavy Rain.

blind-reaper2934d ago

The first time I watch the LA Noire trailer I thought: "he he looks like Ken Cosgrove"