The Darkness : new HD Screens

In collaboration with Majesco, Riddick developer is actually working on The Darkness, a PS3 and Xbox 360 adaptation of the popular comic book. New screens inside.

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The_Firestarter5376d ago (Edited 5376d ago )

Well, it doesn't matter if this game looks better on the PS3 or Xbox 360, but at least games like this look waaay better than last gen, of course. and if it does matter if this games looks better on one system or the other, you need to go and kill yourself for having no life, just enjoy the g0ddamn games.

achira5376d ago

i think the game looks good. but a game must be smooth (high frame rates). only if this is the case the game makes fun (besides gameplay of course).

The_Firestarter5376d ago

Yeah, absolutely! Nobody wants to play a game with 15 FPS! :S That'd be uber-stupid.

The Snake5376d ago

I agree, choppy frame rates make games unplayable. That said, I doubt this game will have a bad frame rate on either system. As long as you keep it at or over 24 fps (worldwide film framerate standard) you're good. Anything above that is only icing on the cake.

TheMART5375d ago

Achira damn man I thought I would never say it but you sound wise for once at least.

But well this is one thing that's something like a dissatisfier anyway. If it drops down to far, to often people won't play/buy a game.

I guess gamers expect things to be at a certain level, graphics, framerates, gameplay, AI, originality and so on. If it drops below a certain level on any of these factors most of the times it's off the to-buy-list anyways

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jesstray5376d ago

Is this supposed to be multiplayer?