Will there be a Dreamcast 2?

With the Dreamcast last seen in action since 2002 in North America Sega has long been out of the console wars. Gamers have called it the “system before it’s time” because of it’s superior processing power and online capabilities. The Dreamcast was loved for more than it’s power but its solid lineup of games. Sonic Adventure, Crazy Taxi, Power Stone, Marvel Vs. Capcom 2, and Street Figther 3 are just some of few titles that won the heart of gamers. Even after the death of the DreamCast Sega had announced they would once again enter the ring of hardware. This is 2011 and still we wait for Sega’s next console. Why hasn’t Sega already made this Dreamcast2 is just to powerful that ones eyes would melt from the power? The bigger question is what is the state of Sega at the moment that would not allow them to create a new console.

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MattyF2841d ago

Sega needs to stay as a third-party developer. We don't need four systems and Sega doesn't have the same magic they once did to support a system with strong first-party titles. Stay third-party and support the industry with games.

deadreckoning6662841d ago

^^Agreed. Sega should keep giving us more Yakuza and Bayonetta games...and maybe Shenmue 3, and thats more than enough.

Spenok2841d ago

Agreed, they make some fine multiplats, and im sure that will/would make them more money then joining the fray with a new console and going First Party again.

Masterchef20072841d ago

no sega should not do Bayonetta they did a horrible job with it. Just shows that they have no idea on how to develop games for the PS3

AAACE52841d ago

Thinking about the Dreamcast reminded me that when I started buying consoles on my own, I had a bad habit of buying systems that didn't do too well. First console I ever bought was the Sega Saturn... we know how that turned out! Next was the N64, which did better but failed to deliver a lot of the more popular games. Next was the Dreamcast, which started out great, but the Ps2 just killed it off too soon.

After that, I just started getting all 3 consoles!

MightyMark4272841d ago

I agree with you Matty. I doubt Sega would survive unlesss they have a high quality first party titles.

INehalemEXI2841d ago

I wonder if they hold back Shenmue 3 just in case they do return.

RedDevils2841d ago

Will there be a Dreamcast 2? maybe when the human race extinct :P

Bathyj2841d ago

And I looked, and behold a pale horse:
and his name that sat on him was Death,
and Hell followed with him.

And he had a Dreamcast 2.

Bathyj2841d ago

You're joking right?

Please say you're joking.

Its the Bible dude.

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Octo12841d ago

Nope. Sorry but with some publishers dreaming of someday there will be no such thing as a "console war" the last thing that we need is a 4th entry to the foray.Also If Sega were to even say that they were in fact looking into maybe releasing/planning a Dreamcast 2, I personally as a long time gamer would be cautious about maybe even considering even buying a console from sega. We all know what happened to the Sega CD,32X,Saturn and eventually the Dreamcast.
I say this is wishful thinking from die hard sega fans.

hazardman2841d ago

If Sega were to make a console I would be 1st to pre-order..I understand 32X & the Saturn sucked ass wind,but Sega Cd was alright and the Dreamcast is one of the Greatest consoles ever to a True gamer! I also believe that if they were to release a console they could have an AWESOME line up for launch.. Shenmue 3, Yakuza 5, Virtual Fighter, Virtual On, Bayenatta, Panzer Dragoon, a new Daytona with G25, G27 Racing wheel compatible..I can go on and on, on the possibilities...anyway whatever Sega decides I'm all for it..

IRetrouk2841d ago

i would also back sega, day 1 without a dought, the dreamcast at the time was a beast of a console, it just didnt have the power to compete with the ps2 which is a shame, if all four companies brought out a new console tomorrow, id be buying 3 of the 4.

shadowknight2032841d ago (Edited 2841d ago )

I cant possibly see anything in the near future. with PC the big three console manufacturers and now Panasonic trying to come back with Jungle and Onlive... and lets not forget we are kinda, just maybe a tiny intsy lil bit considered to be in a recession ya know lol..

Bathyj2841d ago (Edited 2841d ago )

Sega wouldnt even be able to make a console. Not unless Apple or Google backed them for the brand recognition.

And I dont believe the Dreamcast lineup was solid at all.
Sonic hasnt been good since 2D, Crazy Taxi was an arcade game, thus too short to warrant any real attention and the next 3 games are fighters, 2 more than I need.

Face it, the last good Sega machine was the Megadrive and even that was 2nd fiddle to the SNES, (not that being 2nd is bad) but they were bleeding money for 3 generations. If Nintendo hadn't jagged a hit with the Wii, they probably would have gone the same way.

Now days Sega is far better off concentrating on software. Even then they are hit and miss, so theres no way they could support a console with software.

And why Dreamcast 2 anyway, wouldnt it have a new name like consoles traditionally have. Its only since Playstation 1 became a megahit that they name them after their predecessors.

dragunrising2841d ago (Edited 2841d ago )

"Sega wouldn't even be able to make a console." Exactly.

Also, the Sega we knew is dead and gone. Sega merged with another company to be Sega-Sammy Holdings. Half of their revenue is the pachinko business.

Dreamcast 1 was revolutionary, however todays consoles (even the Wii w/ its horrible friend codes system) are far beyond it in scope.

If there is a company that could compete it would be Samsung, Apple or any company big enough to invest millions and millions in r&d, manufacturing, marketing and game development.

VenomProject2841d ago

What about the greatness that was SEAMAN?!

That game was boss. :)

evrfighter2841d ago

Let's face it. If there's one thing we've ALL learned this gen is that the casual gamer has more buying power than the hardcore gamer.

With the backing of say Apple. You get a machine with direct access to the apple app store. another way to download apps into your iphone, ipod, music, movies. Pretty much another alternative for those with crappy pc's, limited wifi, or crappy data plans.

If there's one thing Apple's good at is taking existing technology, refining it, and then re-releasing it as innovative new tech. wii-tech and kinect beware.

This would be a perfect way for Apple to try out the console market as I've read they seem to be interested in it.

jetlian2841d ago (Edited 2841d ago )

Yea soul calibur,shenmue/s, street fighter 3,kof98,ecco, crazy taxi, sniper scopes,MVC2,last blade, rival schools, powerstones,Sonic 1/2, MSR(pgr on xbox), motw. And i'm sure i missed somes.

system wasn't on the market long and still had plenty of perfect arcade games

Granted now a lot of these games would get placed on all systems due to no more exclusives from 3rd parties

jet grind, phantasy star

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