Guitar Hero and DJ Hero Retail Prices Slashed

As of today, various Guitar Hero: Warriors of Rock and DJ Hero 2 SKUs have been drastically discounted.

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ddelella2929d ago

Perhaps our definition of "drastically" is different. $10 off the normal retail is hardly drastic. These games are worth about $30 new for stand-alone and $60 for small bundles.

gorebago2929d ago


Gameplay-wise, DJ hero is fun as hell.

Music-wise, it's a disaster.

Lady Gaga. Kayne West.

enough said.

TheLastGuardian2929d ago

Activision should have to pay you to play Guitar Hero. Any Rock Band game is better than every GH game combined.

gorebago2929d ago

I rented warriors of rock and got everything I wanted out of it after four days.

That was another ridiculous soundtrack. I had no idea who they were marketing to because it had several genres that didn't mesh well.

Baka-akaB2929d ago

Rofl even for games selling badly , Activision is showing some unnatural amount of greed .