5 Most Annoying "Features" of Need For Speed: Hot Pursuit

Game Podunk blogger, Natetodamax writes, "It says a lot about the team at Criterion when I find myself saying that Need For Speed: Hot Pursuit is one of the most intense and refreshing racing games I've ever played. What's even more surprising is the fact that I bought this game despite not being excited for a NFS game since..... well, ever. Criterion breathed life back into a series that was slipping out of the limelight, but the game is certainly not without its fair share of frustrating moments that are either caused by irritating behavior from other players or by design. Let's take a look at what I think are the top five most frustrating things about Need For Speed: Hot Pursuit..."

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Kon2930d ago

Its funny when i call a chopper at high speed but then he drops a spike in front of me but i don't have time do evade. Well, that is not too funny when you're playing.

DelbertGrady2930d ago

There's something missing in this game. It's not half the game Burnout: Paradise was. Might have to do with the repetitive races and that you almost never get to choose between more than three cars for each race.

I've stopped playing and consider selling it.

Raf1k12930d ago (Edited 2930d ago )

I agree, Burnout is much better than Hot Pursuit.

edit: Most annoying thing for me in Hot Pursuit is the silly unlock reveals. Sometimes it's as bad as 3 or 4 of those reveals one after another when I just want to get onto the next race.

starcb262928d ago

Hot pursuit 2 was way batter.

xino2930d ago (Edited 2930d ago )

just bunch of complaints man!
the driving is slow? then you must be playing with Sports Car pack:/

I am not annoyed with the Team Kills, I'm more annoyed with the farking idiots who play as a cop and ram you even though you are a cop too.

It's alright to do so as a racer but as a cop is just irritating because you are on the same damn team!

Other than that, all of the authors complains are flawed, he better go back to playing real life racing sim like Gran Turismo, this kind of game is an Arcade racer.

The problem I just have with the game is the constant waiting for a game! I can start the game on a session and happen to wait nearly 10mins just to get a game to start because I'm constantly getting booted from rooms and waiting for people to join because others dropped out (booted).

not to mention the constant disconnecting during racing!
If disconnection happens again in Dead Space 2, I'll never buy EA games day one!

-Ninja Gaiden 3- is sick!:)

CaptainMarvelQ82930d ago (Edited 2930d ago )

im sorry but NFS:HP2 did not have these flaws and was an arcade racer
i don't get why doesn't EA just remake that game,BEST of the series
games seem to be more flawed than fixed lately,when it should be the other way around

CaptainMarvelQ82930d ago (Edited 2930d ago )

is it me
or is there NO exhibition mode?
how can a racing game NOT have a feature like this and instead have a boring free mode with nothing but cars passing by and no Cop chases

NJShadow2930d ago

People have been asking Criterion to include it in a future update, which they might. I'm praying for it!

memots2930d ago

"I'm praying for it! " you sir need to get a life.

On topic its a great game in short burst.

NJShadow2930d ago

I dunno, sort of seems like the writer is just awful at the game.

1. Teamkills - Adds a level of balance in case someone on your own team starts acting like a fool. Plus, adds another dimension of competition.

2. Autobusts - It's called realism/strategy. If you get busted... well then you're just too slow. Too bad.

3. Chopper Teamkills - It happens, so what? Just watch where you're going!

4. Time Trials - Admittedly annoying, but they make you a much better driver and add real challenge to the game.

5. Unpredictable/Rubber Band Racer AI - Well then you just plain suck at the game, I'm sorry. Most of the races I won were by overwhelming margins. Only towards the end of the game did things really get tough, at least for me.

I will say, I'm a HUGE fan of this game, so I may come off biased, but that's not my intention. This game is fun, it's pretty darn hard at times, and I may have even agreed with the writer at points throughout the game, but as you play and understand WHY these implementations are in place, especially online, you begin to not care so much when it comes to these minute grievances.

iamgoatman2930d ago

Gotta love that old chestnut, if you have any complaints you must be bad at the game. Couldn't possibly be that the writer has some actual legitimate complaints he feels the need to mention. Just because you don't share them doesn't mean they're any less valid.

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