Every Top Ten Games List EVER

Over the years, many gaming magazines and websites have generated a ton of ranked lists as part of an ongoing attempt to comprehensively document the top 10 (or top 100, or 200, or whatever) video games of all time. It's a phenomenon that seems to have taken on a particular intensity ever since the dawn of the 21st Century.

Anyway, here is a summary of some of the leading Top 10s, as excerpted from various Top 100 lists.

I have tried to be as diverse and inclusive as possible in my selection of lists. Some will inevitably appear more credible than others, but my intent was quantity more than quality. By assembling a collection of lists that was as vast as possible, I was hoping to see if there appears to be any consensus as to what games truly are history's best. My findings come at the end.

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RedDead2841d ago

Truely the list of all lists

mikeslemonade2840d ago

It's not fair because the games that were released earlier have the advantage. Uncharted 2 didn't come out in 1995.

FinalSpartan2840d ago

Holy. Zelda Ocarina Of Time is owning every list! Truely the greatest game of ALL time?

bacano2840d ago

I played (and finished) it on my old N64. However... I don't know why but I never really enjoyed it as much. At that time I used to play lots of RPGs (JRPGs now) and maybe that's why I never completely understood what was goin on Hyrule. I remember have thought the game was lacking a clearer storyline. The princess was kidnaped, right, but then... I felt like exploring the dungeons had nothing to do with the main conflict. It was slow and pointless.

N64 best game? Super Mario 64
Best game ever? FFVII

caseh2840d ago

Legend of Zelda: Ocarina of Time (32 out of 43)

Yeap that pretty much amazed me to be honest. All I recall are a lot of people at the time not being fussed on the game at all and being classed as worst of the series. I personally loved it, especially the horse riding. :D

@bacano - The dungeons are in the game just to act as a trial i guess, when you pass it you always get a new weapon or ability. Why dungeons i'm not sure, its been a running theme since the original game. :)

kesvalk2840d ago

it's funny how much OoT appears...

CaulkSlap2840d ago

Yeah OoT is about the only game that's not debatable as a top 10 of all time. Everything else is subjective.

Kon2840d ago (Edited 2840d ago )

That is hugeee! Zelda appears in almost EVERY list(minus two lists)

MintBerryCrunch2840d ago

really makes no sense to have a Top 10 All Time list of games, or bigger to include more classics, because the gaming industry continues to expand and great games release each year that bring something new and/or different to the table

it will always change year to year

kesvalk2840d ago

so, it's pointless to eat, because you need to do it again every day?

great logic there buddy...

MintBerryCrunch2840d ago

there is no correlation between what i said and what you actually makes no sense

where in the hell is that my logic?

bringing out a top 10 list when new and good games are continually released doesnt make sense

how did you come up with food as being the same as new game releases

metsgaming2840d ago

Using review scores to show what is the best games ever is a joke.

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