IGN: PGR 4 Career Mode

When PGR fans purchase Bizarre Creations' latest racer on October 2, they may be in for a bit of a shock. The tried and true career mode has undergone a significant overhaul. In the past, Project Gotham Racing gave players a wide selection of events to pick and choose from. For each event there were different difficulty levels which determined either the competence of the AI or the win criteria. Many would start with Bronze or Silver and then keep working the same event until they achieved the impressive Platinum medal. The medals are gone, replaced with an interesting new "racing season..."

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ddldave4054d ago

uh.. GT5 is better. Kthxbai.

BloodySinner4054d ago

"uh.. stop trolling. Kthxbai."

Anyway, this game looks very promising. October 2, be here!

level 3604054d ago

Whether it be PGR4 or GT5: Prologue and the upcoming "real" GT5, they are all TOPS on my must-buy list.
Both will have a high rate of long playabilty/enjoyment.
These two are probably the only driving/racing games that has the closest comparison value when it comes to graphics and innovation. They both have their advantages/disadvantages but it's mostly the former.
Why not include Forza2? It's a very good simulation game, but w/out " in-car camera view " it just does'nt cut the mustard when you want that extra bit of realism. Boring when your just looking at the road all the time.
Bought the game - Forza2, and found the modding/personalisation is more enjoyable than the racing itself. Graphics too bright/very CGI'ed, have to set the brightness/contrast lower to compensate.