GTA IV: Let the streets of Liberty City glow with this awesome TRON mod

Following video shows a new TRON Lightcycle mod for GTA IV.

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Godmars2902841d ago

Sort of wonder why, given the example of the older UT3, there aren't tools that allow for GTAIV PC mods on the PS3.

kaveti66162841d ago

Because the PS3 is a closed-box console?

Godmars2902841d ago

And that's exactly why I brought up the UT3 mods you can download directly to the PS3 via its browser as example: because its such a closed system.

kaveti66162840d ago

When a mod is made for the PC version of a game, you cannot expect people to be able to download it to work for the PS3 version. There's no free PS3 SDK on the net that allows modders to create mods for the PS3 version of most games.

I really don't know much about how the UT3 mods worked so I can't comment on it. It must have been a very special circumstance where Epic wanted to take advantage of the browser on the PS3 so users could create maps or mods for the PS3 version of UT3.

But most of the these publishers aren't willing to spend any time on PS3 mod support.

Epic deserves respect for adding mod support when most publishers won't even consider it.

Hopefully Valve will add mod support for Portal 2 on PS3. It seems like a strong possibility.

tdrules2841d ago

it can't run it at 720p when its really optimised by the developers so user made mods would destroy it

Hellsvacancy2841d ago

What about the racin line they leave beihind?

Incipio2841d ago

Yeah this is essential if a Tron mod is to look complete

dkblackhawk502841d ago

Exactly! This is lame without it.

Quagmire2841d ago

Read the utube comments

Kakihara2841d ago

Say, that's a nice bike.

TANUKI2840d ago

What an awesome idea for a mod.