The Biggest Decisions of Mass Effect 3

We are all aware of the most intriguing component of the Mass Effect series, the element of choice. Bioware revolutionized the game industry, not only by allowing multiple choices for each situation, but by allowing these choices to vastly influence the rest of the franchise. These are the biggest decisions in the series that may affect how well Shepard and his/her crew are able to take on the Collectors.

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markbob3811d ago (Edited 3811d ago )

I think the author of the site means "How Your Choices May Affect The Fight Against the Reapers"

MiltonZep3811d ago

There's like zero choice in ME at all. I love the series , but there's a handful of meaningful decisions that you *MUST* make in the series so far.


Wrex on Virmire
Who to save on Virmire
To save or destroy the Reaper technology
Choosing to do the loyalty missions/upgrades.

Most the other stuff is shallow and doesn't actually change for the most part. Fallout: New Vegas did *choice* much better.

Darkfiber3810d ago

I agree with this to a point. I love the series as well, but particularly in the second game, I was a little bothered by the choices you made. Not so much because of the lack of choices, but rather that I'm sure 90% of people playing picked either full good or full bad. What does this mean? It means you can bypass all the tough choices in the game.

Example 1: Tali's loyalty mission. Choose to preserve her father's name but get her kicked out of the flotilla, or expose her father, keeping in the flotilla, but she hates you. This could have huge consequences, such as Tali dying or causing someone else in your group to permanently get killed for the next game, or opening up a storyline based on her getting kicked out of the flotilla for the second game. But when you have enough paragon/renegade points, you can completely bypass this tough decision and get everything in the end. What fun is that? Where is the difficult choice made in that situation? All you have to do is pick the paragon or renegade line in the conversation at the trial and you don't have to worry about that decision at all.

Miranda vs Jack, Tali vs Legion, all of that stuff can have huge consequences in the next game especially if someone dies. It may not seem like there were a lot of potential hard choices in the game, they may turn out to be a bigger deal than you think in ME3, particularly letting people die. My problem is that you can bypass all the tough decisions in this game, which most people do. They don't "choose" any decisions, they just always choose either the good or bad response and stick with it the whole game and don't even ever consider picking anything else.

The best way to play this game is to play it as an actual roleplaying game. Pick the response you would say in that situation, ignoring the paragon and renegade crap which honestly ruins a lot of the choice in the game. Pick the middle option sometimes, some really cool stuff happens, and live with the consequences. See how they affect the game in the end. Play as a real person, not just as a robot spamming the paragon or renegade choice in every conversation. Dragon Age was much better for that. It had no good or bad response, no obvious order and sometimes no way to get out of a situation the way that you actually wanted to. But oh wait, they are getting rid of that and replacing it with the mass effect choice wheel for Dragon Age 2 so you can get paragon and renegade points in that game as well. Sigh.

twiglet3810d ago

"Bioware revolutionized the game industry, not only by allowing multiple choices for each situation, but by allowing these choices to vastly influence the rest of the franchise."

Who writes this crud, honestly? I really hope Bioware are ashamed when they see video game journalists write trash like that. It in no way whatsoever actually reflects the reality of choice and effect in the ME series so far.

Choices are shown to impact the universe in two ways so far:

1. News reports or offhand, one sentence comments.
2. Slightly altered versions of the same scenes.

Thats not revolutionary.

Its like calling ME2 an evolution of the RPG genre, when its just moved away from RPG and turned into a generic TPS.

Honestly, I cant respect video game journalists today. They just write absolute nonsense, and go over the top with praise for a game thats most significant move in ME2 is stripping out complexity and embracing mediocrity.

Darkfiber3810d ago

The only thing revolutionary about them is that the choices carry forward into the sequels and you can see the consequences of your actions in other games than the one you made the decisions in. That in itself hasn't really been done before.

mobijoker3810d ago

Agree that ME had very few choices and the effect of that afterwards.In this regard New Vegas and Alpha protocol did a better job.But the import of decisions from one game to another is just masterful.The decisions of ME1 may not have made that much change in ME2 but i think ME3 will have severe changes due to decisions of ME1.Bcoz ME2 was just basically the story to build your team.It did little to take the main plot further.