GOTY 2010: Stephanie’s Top 5 Picks |

Stephanie Palermo of Spawn Kill writes: "

Since we don’t all play the same games here at Spawn Kill, voting for a unified winner just won’t work out and do justice to our favorite games. So a few of us decided to share out Top 5 (and a specialty pick) this week before we’re deafened by 2011′s sex machine cranking sounds of amazing games to come (like L.A. Noire, clearly)."

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ShadowPraxis3025d ago

I've only played one of those (ME2) but do own GoW3 and AC:B. And I've heard nothing but good things about 999. Maybe I'll finally be caught up with 2010's games by the time 2011 is done... *sigh*

CrzyFooL3025d ago

Starcraft twooooooooooooo /pcgamer

Snarkasaur3025d ago

Yeah I'm happy to see something like 999 on any lists. I haven't even played it and can just feel that it deserves more recognition than its marketing gave it.

fonzii3024d ago

Great list! I'm really liking that DK is up there too, it's different from the norm! No Red Dead Redemption is interesting, but I like interesting =]