Guardian - Venetica – Review

A striking feature of 2010 has been the way in which action-role-playing games (action-RPG) have enjoyed a major renaissance – efforts such as Mass Effect 2, Fable III and Fallout: New Vegas have dragged what was once seen as a quaint old genre firmly into the 21st century. Venetica is another action-RPG, too, but it sits very much at the traditional end of the spectrum – certainly lacking the polish of its aforementioned peers, and conforming to RPG stereotypes such as an abundance of quests and side-quests and a medieval setting. However, that doesn't make it a bad game.

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Active Reload2933d ago

Forgot all about this game.

aidab72933d ago

its not a bad game but i have only played 3 hours far because i have my love flim games

Aysir2933d ago

I'm glad this game's getting a little attention. As the article says, it's not a high-budget well-polished title - but that doesn't stop it from being enjoyable. Reminds me a more straightforward Fable style adventure (as in minus Molyneux's trademarks). And despite the female lead, it isn't overly sexualised - managing a Tomb Raider Legend style lead character.

Corrwin2933d ago

"as in minus Molyneux's trademarks"

You mean in Venetica you actually can do anything?!

weaslebob2927d ago

I agree I think it is a pretty good game.

R_aVe_N2932d ago

I picked this game up today and so far I am liking it a lot. For the price it is very well done. I wish more people would give these small budget games a try.

AnimeRaven2927d ago

I have been thinking about picking up this game. I might just to try it out.