Guerrilla Serves Killzone 2 Wallpapers

The boys over at Guerrilla Games have served up a couple of wallpapers for the PlayStation 3, PSP & deskstop PC.

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ErcsYou4963d ago

the first wallpaper looks better than most screen shoots.....can i have some more please??

xhi44963d ago

this game, with every new piece of information, screenshot, video just makes me fall more in love with it. With the CGI trailer i was like.....this game is going to be crap they can't do anything like this. It'll be rushed....but i continually am proven wrong.

Imalwaysright4962d ago

Im at work and im bored to death... flame on people flame on here ill help: this game is the proof that Ps3 is powerful than 360... see??? its easy now flame on people flame on

fopums4962d ago

"bandana man" looks friggin incredible, I want this game soooo bad!

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The story is too old to be commented.