Recent Brink Interviews

Recently, new information has surfaced via tweets and interviews regarding Splash Damage and Bethesda Softworks upcoming Spring 11' title release, Brink.

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kdogdaddy3027d ago

Can't express how excited I am for this title release!

maawdawg3027d ago

I know, I wish we had a set release date already. A few retailers recently changed their date to 4/12 so I am hopeful we will see it then.

I am really ready for an FPS game that isn't "more of the same"

bageara3027d ago

its a good game, awesome infact

bananasNmonkeys3027d ago

Bageara, I too may or may not be in the beta and I was wondering do you think the guns have too much spread?

bageara3027d ago (Edited 3027d ago )

hmm best not to discuss private betas in detail on public forums. i know there has been a few bans given out lately

Losi3027d ago

I agree, looking forward to the redefining elements shown in Brink.

Thoreau3027d ago

i think this game might be a sleeper hit. i have been watching since the early dev of the game.

thugbob3027d ago

I'm looking forward to BRINK now since KZ3 does not impress me. I really hope BRINK is not a casual FPS like CoD and what KZ3 is becoming.

MidnytRain3027d ago (Edited 3027d ago )

Wow, this was a good source of information, but it was very poorly written.

"Counterstrike was so huge all be it a slimmed down version"

'All be it'? Really? This article felt as if it was written by a child. But on another note,

"We have spawn turrets that you would see in games like Killzone 2, except ours can’t be blown up.  They are completely invulnerable and incredibly powerful.  You don’t really have any chance to react to them you’re just taken down."

FTMFW! For this reason KZ2 was almost unplayable at times. This game shows alot of promise.