Video Game Lookalikes

Have you ever looked at a preview, only to get the feeling of deja vu while looking at some of the screenshots? Perhaps you once bought a new game and found that when you started it up, the main character looked identical to 'that' person on the television last night? No doubt some gaming characters are based on real people, how else would developers get them to look so realistic, but to completely copy a person's image- that's just lazy! Which is why I am here; to expose these copy-cats

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PidgeottosCrew3852d ago

Loved the Kryten comparison.

Quagmire3852d ago (Edited 3852d ago ) Nathan Fillion/Nathan Drake comparison? Dissapoint.

PidgeottosCrew3852d ago

He's gone outside the box with his thinking. Anyone who's read N4G during the whole Uncharted casting knows there's similarities between Fillion and Drake.

Respect to this article.

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Vortex3D3852d ago

It's modeled with look-alive popular actors probably because it's easier to accept their familiar faces. It's also why most Hollywood movies need at least one well known actor so that the characters movie are easier to be accepted by the audiences.

Also, having a living actor's face makes it easier to model the character's face than having to create an unknown face that still look familiar to the gamers.

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The story is too old to be commented.