30° Torchlight Preview

With the Xbox LIVE Arcade House Party just around the corner, Microsoft has released the first preview build of Torchlight. got a chance to sit down with the console port of Runic's dungeon crawler and is here to bring you their impressions.

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Bigpappy3856d ago

Nore good news. I am going to have a hell of a time playing this again. This time I will try and play it through will all of them. This guy doesn't sound like he played the PC version. My little dog was very helpful in combat as you can level him up too. He has Offensive and defensive abilities, plus you can send him to sell off excess loot while you keep putting down the baddies. He is way more helpful than my dog in fable 2.

cowsvils3856d ago

It's entirely possible that he's more helpful than I gave him credit for. I was really curious actually as to the full potential of the dog, but there were no developers around at the event to field my questions.

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