LBP Game of the Year Edition Not “Importable” on LittleBigPlanet 2

Now that we’re a few days away before the release of LittleBigPlanet 2, a lot of gamers are still wondering whether the content on the Game of the Year edition of the first LittleBigPlanet is fully compatible with the sequel.

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DORMIN3850d ago

Isn't all the GotY edition content on the disc? This news seems pretty obvious.

xtremeimport3850d ago

yes, but still sucks.

i dont wanna buy that shit all over again. -_-

HolyOrangeCows3850d ago

This really sucks. I have the GOTY edition :(

poopface13850d ago

I really enjoy the levels that MM made and other people. When I play this one I will just play others stuff probably. Im not patient enough to crate anything good :(

SnakeMustDie3850d ago

If this is true, that sucks. I have the GOTY edition.

Redempteur3850d ago

i have GOTY as well and it sure sucked because i couldn't use it in the beta ..i had to start fresh ...

it's not just the dlcs but everything you've done that isn't purchased dlc after ...

it REALLY sucks because that was reported early and tought that MM would adress it before the release...

SnakeMustDie3850d ago (Edited 3850d ago )

They might have forgotten about the GOTY edition when they made the sequel. I hope there will be day one patch released to add support to the GOTY edition.

I tried the LBP2 demo. The GOTY edition and DLC content were present like the included snake+raiden+meryl costumes and the DLC costumes I dled like the Kratos and Ezio skins.

dkblackhawk503850d ago

few days? *facepalm* it comes out on the 18...

branchedout3850d ago

To be fair, "few" is a mighty subjective term, as we've been knowing about LBP2 for quite a while.

10 days is a drop in a bucket compared to how long we've been waiting.

On topic:
That sure stinks. I have a friend with the GOTY edition.
I have the regular edition from release (bought it on impulse and fell in love!), so I'm in the clear.

BryanBegins3850d ago

Wow, you sure know how to use your one bubble to make useful comment... \s

plb3850d ago

Been waiting for this game since it was announced. 10 days is nothing!

Terarmzar3850d ago

Lame of sony? The game is made by media molecule, sony has nothing to do with this feature.

Rauland3850d ago

Actually, you can blame sony for making Media Molecule create a GOTY edition.

PlayerX3850d ago

O I forgot this N4G. Sony does no wrong here. My bad.

MmaFanQc3850d ago

your comment is still matter on what web site it would be.

would you blame MS because all the last RARE games sucked monkey balls?

now wake the fuck up or go back to bed kid.

PlayerX3850d ago

People blame Activision for things all the time but since they don't develop games it does matter right? Lol only on N4G.

femshep3850d ago

lawlz i agree it typically is activisons fault

can we blame this on them too? seems the right thing to do =p

MmaFanQc3850d ago

is this supposed to justify your retarded comment?

hope you've cleaned your feets last night because you got them in your mouth after only two comments...

better luck next time.

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darkdoom30003850d ago

That's because it usually is activision's fault. closing studios, increasing prices, etc.

This isn't anyones fault. It seemed kinda obvious it wasn't importable, since all the DLC is on the disk, not the HDD.

workarounds could have been done though.

Lirky3850d ago

Hahhahah a few days away from lbp2 releasing, It's a few WEEKS away unless ppl will do the early-release buy begging cashiers.

BrianC62343850d ago

Ten days is a few weeks? In what country? In the US that's less than two weeks.

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