Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim Combat Details, Races And More

Guys at NeoGAF have compiled a huge list of details regarding Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim. All the details have been extracted from the Elder Scrolls V scans which were posted earlier today on the Internet. There are a lot of changes which some fans might find disturbing.

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RedDead3855d ago (Edited 3855d ago )

"presumably open cities" and the mountain region of Skyrim, I assume jump and levitate will be back if the cities are actually open. Good. Mysticism could be put into alteration aswell right? Or maybe they'll just ditch it completely for enchant.

Job system will also be nice. I really need to know about the level scaling though, that's the differance between a hardcore rpg and casual one imo. So same as Oblivion or go back to Morrowinds one...?

SimonSaysEverything3855d ago

Since people are asking, wanted to briefly touch on level scaling. All our games have had some amount of randomness/leveling based on player level. Skyrim’s is similar to Fallout 3’s, not Oblivion’s,” Bethesda community manager, game’s official forums.

RedDead3855d ago

Well then, that's settled, Day 1

MAJ0R3855d ago

they better have a toolset, just so modders can fix all the problems they have

STONEY43855d ago

"Skyrim’s is similar to Fallout 3’s, not Oblivion’s,” Bethesda community manager, game’s official forums."

I was pissed about the level scaling until I heard that. Fallout 3 still has it, but it's alot less noticeable, and the weaker enemies still pop up. Plus they have fixed stats. In Oblivion, they changed their stats according to your level, so even if you're level 50, a friggin wolf still takes 10 hits to kill with an iron sword.

Zimmerman3855d ago (Edited 3855d ago )

"Enemies level will progress with your own"

I hate this idea on any level. I find it fun to avoid enemies that are far too powerful when I'm low level. Always standing a chance against anything I encounter makes upgrading my character nearly pointless.

Having said that, I didn't notice it too much in Fallout 3. I hope some enemies have permanently high/low base stats. Killer mudcrabs at lvl 30 is a joke.

EDIT: I'm glad to hear others have the same thought(STONEY4). Maybe the developers are checking up on fans to see what we think.

Philoctetes3855d ago

That's excellent news. Day 1 confirmed.

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visualb3855d ago

best news for me:


love it.

That aside, they repeat some points at the end...

looking good though =)

A LIVING LEGEND3855d ago (Edited 3855d ago )

^that is encouraging.
Let them bandits earn that glass & daedric. :)

HeavenlySnipes3855d ago

I hope the animations aren't ass this time around. I loved all the ideas they put into Oblivion (the only Bethesda game I played) but I never got hooked to the game because the fighting animations were terrible and everyone loOked fucked up. I'm not saying the game was bad (it can't be with all the love for it) but they could make everything flow more seemlessly. Something like how Dragon Age Origins 2's combat system.

Lirky3855d ago

get rid of PC bugs that crash the game with unknown errors.

Both oblivion and morrowinds stories are irrelevant to me because i couldnt complete them from all the unknown errors that i've suffered from.

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