Call Of Duty Alternatives: Best Downloadable Shooters (RunDLC)

When it comes to online multiplayer for consoles, Call of Duty: Black Ops is the undisputed king in terms of popularity, but it’s by no means the only or even best option. Yes, games like Halo: Reach and Battlefield: Bad Company 2 vie for supremacy (BBC2: Vietnam is a testament to that), but there’s also a handful of downloadable shooters that come up short in terms of features, but still provide fast-paced and thrilling experiences without breaking the bank. If you can’t afford to jump on the COD bandwagon or despise the series, consider the following alternatives.

Chris Buffa (RunDLC)

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Dart893862d ago

Bfbc2 vietnam and Modern combat domination will fill me with fps goodness until kz3 comes out.

ATi_Elite3862d ago

Killzone 3 really has me on the fence about holding off on buying two graphics cards. Killzone 3 may force me to buy a Ps3 and just one graphics card. I know it's BLASPHEMY but I gotta do something cause I'm foaming at the mouth for Battlefield 3 and that won't be here for a while.

Had to take a break from BC2, I've gone through two mice on that game.

rlm413861d ago

lol modern combat domination really? shitty CoD ripoff.

sickbird3860d ago

It 8 bucks plus it has move capabilities, should be fun for a few hours.