Sony may steal your stuff!

Read the story of a loyal gamer who's account is banned after 4 years an 19 platinum trophies. Click "Read full story" to read all about this Rip-off.

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Iamback3859d ago (Edited 3859d ago )

Violation of therms or not. If they wanted to ban them, they should have done it 4 years ago. Feel sorry for them 19 platinum's is sick, just not fair.
This is why i am never going to support digital download of retail games. When guy tells you nothing is yours not even money you put on PSN store, just because you accepted therms of regulations, which you have to accept if you want to make an account in first place.

nycredude3859d ago

Terms of service is terms of service. No matter what console, what hardware, what software. Just read it if you don't agree don't agree and don't use the product. Or use it and don't violate it.

I agree 19 platinums is sick.

lodossrage3859d ago

nycredude is right. Terms of service is posted BEFORE any of us even sign up for psn or xbox live.

Whether you chose to heed it is up to you.

However, on the flipside, what I don't like is that they waited four years to say they found the name offensive basically.

BrianG3859d ago

The name was probably reported several times, you can report users on PSN.

It probably passes initial check from Sony, but offended other online players.

Thats the only reason I could see it taking 4 years for them to act.

the_best_player3859d ago

rules are rules break them well.... :)

BrianG3859d ago

Violated terms of service, what do you expect.

OhReginald3859d ago

i care..............LOL just playing i dont care.

astar1234567893859d ago

as they say "to bad, to sad!!" you violated terms to bad.

brew3859d ago

Sluts are people too. Have a heart Sony.

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