Hell Descent:[Rumor] Silent Hill Downpour?

Hell Descent: We received a pretty vague comment about the next Silent Hill title being named Silent Hill: Downpour. We normally don’t go after rumors, but with today’s announcement of the Silent Hill 8 reveal in GameInformer, we got a little antsy. After a good hour of Google-Fu, which involved checking copyrights, trademarks, and possible domain names, the only link we found was with a french site named GameKult. This french gaming site provides nothing more than a category listed as Silent Hill: Downpour which contains Silent Hill 8 media and news.

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Arsenic133854d ago

I don't care about the title, just give me a good game.

darkvenom3854d ago (Edited 3854d ago )

Agreed,after the first 3 the others
completely sucked.

3854d ago
VenomProject3854d ago

I will forever remain the only person in existence to have enjoyed Silent Hill 5.

DarkBlood3853d ago

dont fret my man im going to find out if i like this silent hill 5 when i play the whole series in order of story since i never played it before

VenomProject3853d ago

Don't get caught up in the hype that Silent Hill 2 was the godsend of survival horrors.

It was a great game, but it's not perfect...

Play them all with an open mind.

jeeves863853d ago're not alone.

I thought 5 had a pretty twisted plot in itself. You could see 'something' coming, but...


Heading up to the alter and seeing his name there creeped the fuck out of me for some reason. The fact that the graphics (Aside from the teeth) were pretty superb too really added to that. No more grainy blocky shit please.