Namco dates big titles for 2011

M2G Writes:

Namco Bandai has just sent over its release schedule for 2011, dating some of its big titles for 2011 including Knights Contract and Kinect title Dr Kawashima’s Body and Brain exercises.

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caseh3853d ago

Awwww, I was kind of hoping for a Soul Calibur 5 in the line-up. :(

MaideninBlack3853d ago

They just began work on SCV. That game's not releasing before 2012 at the earliest.

Baka-akaB3853d ago

it's unlikely they just begun . They've just only announced it .

I wouldnt be surprised at a fall 2011 release . Will depend of how crowded the genre will be between namco's own tekken stuff , capcom and the others

3853d ago
Stealth20k3853d ago

Thats not a complete list...........

they will be localizing tales since its basically there number 1 seller.

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Rohered3853d ago

I want "tales of" Serie on my PS3 in europe.

Infernostew3853d ago

No tales of games? The I don't give a sh!t. Have fun not selling your games to me this year.

3852d ago
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