CES: Kinect Sells 8 Million Units in 2010

Microsoft has confirmed that Kinect for Xbox 360 has sold 8 million Units worldwide between its November launch and the end of 2010 at their CES 2011 Press Conference.

Microsoft had previously said they were aiming to sell 5 million Kinect units between launch and the end of 2010 as a target; this was upped from a previous, lower target.

Steve Ballmer told the crowd at the CES press conference and the thousands watching online that 2010 was an “exciting” year for Microsoft thanks to the launch of products like Kinect. Kinect was also described as part of a Microsoft strategy of taking “big bets” on new technology. He went on to recount the history of Xbox and said that it was now “front and centre” of the social revolution.

Opening CES, Microsoft were quick to laud the successes of Kinect on stage. Kinect launched on November 4th in North America, November 10th in Europe and November 20th in Japan.


Quick Update: The actual full figure is 8 million in 2 months.

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kenmid2902d ago ShowReplies(1)
guigsy2902d ago

They're offensively high numbers.

DualConsoleOwner2902d ago (Edited 2902d ago )

Its just the way the numbers are reported... there cant possible track sold to consumers accurately.

and they do this for every quarterly financial report. its always to sold to retailers or shipped to retailers. never to consumers.

why disagrees?? go check their financial report. geez. fanboys are so sensitive

captain-obvious2902d ago

good numbers MS
didnt see that one coming TBH

but now im really worried about the next gen xbox

Bigpappy2902d ago

And here I was thinking 6mil. Not even games don't sell that fast. My friends, Kinect is the next revolution in gaming. It is not needed for core gaming, but it presents and exciting new genre in gaming that inclues core and casuals alike to play and have fun. Sorry for those who hate other having fun but I see it as a great inovation. #2

RememberThe3572902d ago

Exactly. Shipped or sold, those are still impressive numbers.

LordMarius2902d ago

"It is not needed for core gaming, but it presents and exciting new genre in gaming that inclues core and casuals alike to play and have fun."

Where are these games?

DualConsoleOwner2902d ago (Edited 2902d ago )

where are the games you speak of??

and kinect is great for casuals and not so much for hardcores.

i hardly call it revolution since hardcore gaming will remain exactly the same. and casual is getting another new motion control.

MariaHelFutura2902d ago

Now it`s time to produce the games.....this should be interesting.

Retro_Zombie2902d ago

Gaming on rails is so sexy. lol Thanks for helping spur the economy!

shoddy2902d ago

have fun playing with virtual balloon and tits.

ComboBreaker2902d ago

a sad day for hardcore gamers on the 360.

AndrewRyan2902d ago

Well the Kinect is fun... With friends...

No core games like Mass Effect or Uncharted but just for fun times, Kinect is where it's at.

DSI2902d ago

*Cricket*......*Cricket*...... *Cricket...... :)

Aquanox2901d ago

Wow! that double tha amount move sold in the same period.

Microsoft Xbox is on fire!

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deadreckoning6662902d ago (Edited 2902d ago )

Okay guys, lets approve this TWICE like the "GT5 ships 5.5 million units worldwide" article. Fair is fair. See I can be inconsistent hypocritical ignoramus too :)

@brohuffman- LOL, I kno rite.

@Bigpappy- More evidence that the opinions on N4G don't mean a damn thg. Even if Kinect does extremely well this year, Sony fanboys will always refer to the "$500 advertising" spin. What a stupid argument. It holds just as much weight as me saying that the only reason the PS3 is selling so well is because of its price point.

@kingjoker34- If Kinect sucked, don't u think word of mouth would have put the device 6 feet under by now? LOL, the fantasy these people live in on this site is astounding.

@Saga Kin- HAHAHA, the N4G time machine strikes again! Saga Kin has traveled to the future and has found that Kinect will NEVER achieve implementation with fun hardcore games.

I don't know whats worse the fact that you think you know what Kinect will be capable of in the future or the fact that ur speaking for ALL gamers as if they shared the same cult-like mentality that you have on this site lol.

oldjadedgamer2902d ago

Haha, some people just don't understand humor.

MariaHelFutura2902d ago (Edited 2902d ago )

You have serious worry way to much about what other people are thinking and what concerns them.

N4WAH2902d ago (Edited 2902d ago )

dead if you are of drinking age kick back a shot of something strong like bourbon. You are posting a lot of venom tonight man. What gives? You take this crap too seriously. These are gaming devices and it's a form of entertainment, not a battlefield.

WTF is the matter with most members on this site?
Now I see why I all but stopped visiting here.

Back to my hole in the world and to gaming, you know, for fun?!

Parapraxis2902d ago

....but you ARE an inconsistent hypocritical ignoramus.

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Dragun6192902d ago

Well, that's what happens when you spend $500 Million on marketing for Kinect.

DSI2902d ago (Edited 2902d ago )

Haha, hate all you want but 8M X $150 = $1.2B - 500M = $700M profit. (Rough numbers)

Looks like 5M was worth it, especially since it's only been two months.

Perhaps Sony should spend 500M on something.

Just saying.

captainjy2901d ago (Edited 2901d ago )

So they spent $500 million to make 1.2 billion and profit $700 million. I would take that any day of the week!

UCMEandICU2901d ago (Edited 2901d ago )

So forget about research and development, forget about packing and transportation, forget about 3rd party distribution outlets, just let's look at advertising costs.

8million of these cameras sold is unbelievable and I am totally flawed by how effective MS is with their style of bullish marketing.

They know their base & human nature very well.

thewhoopimen2901d ago (Edited 2901d ago )

That is some pretty retarded profit calculations... 700m profit... snort* lol.

Kind of forgetting cost of materials, labor, and all your accounting basics aren't cha.

I guess FedEx, UPS, or whoever MS uses to ship these products must be doing it for

sh!ts & giggles

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kingjoker342902d ago

yea well when you spend $500 mil on advertisement what do u expect? now how much u wanna bet with the profit none of it is going to new game devs?

Tinasumsum2902d ago

Developers from all over the world where lining up to develop for Kinect before it even launched. Kinect's success will bring in revenue for both 360's standard and Kinect games.

2902d ago Replies(3)
blumatt2902d ago

...but the fact remains that it's gonna be very difficult to implement Kinect into core games unless they come out with some Move-like controller like Sony. I'm betting the next Xbox will have some sort of motion controller to go along with Kinect 2.0 if not before then. Off topic, I bought that Kung Fu Live game and I have to say that it's cool how you can pay $15 for a game and only $40 for the PS Eye and play the same type of game that Kinect offers for a cheaper price. Of course, I don't play the game that often, only when someone comes over.

lowcarb2902d ago

Kungfu live is not on the same level as a Kinect game. Try kinect and then get back at me when you see just how huge the difference is.

OT:Good job MS!

blumatt2902d ago

Ok I'll put it to you this way. It does something I haven't seen done in a Kinect game. It put YOU in the game. It takes your body and somehow green screens away your background and shows you on the screen. It's pretty cool, man. Also, even if Kinect is a little better, it's not so much better that it needed to cost $150. The Eye is only $40. Can you honestly tell me Kinect needed to cost almost 4 times as much as the Eye, or that Kinect is 4 TIMES as much better than the Eye? That's my issue with Kinect, the price. Plus Kinect games should be $40 a piece like Move games.

Droidbro2902d ago

Stop lying. The eye is 40 dollars yes. Are you saying the controllers are free?

blumatt2902d ago

No, I'm referring to the Eye's ability to play motion games like the Kinect. I'm not referring to Move games. I'm referring to games like Kung Fu Live that is just like Kinect games (maybe slightly less accurate) and it only costs $15 for the game and $40 for the Eye instead of $50 per game (Kinect games) and $150 for the Kinect. Kinect is overpriced. Simple as that.

Droidbro2901d ago

Oh, so you're comparing a cheap webcam to kinect? got it

blumatt2901d ago

Well, if you want to put it that way, my cheap webcam does almost the same thing as your Kinect. And at only a quarter the price. Pretty sad, man. The Kinect should not cost $150. Simple as that. It should cost $50 at the MAX.

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nsnsmj2902d ago

Holy crap! It caught me off guard when I saw that. Definitely didn't expect that many sales. That marketing was genius. Oprah, Ellen, $500 million, etc. Sony needs to take a page from MS's book in this area.

Anyway, good job MS. While I still don't think Kinect is actually anything great, others in this world obviously do. Marketing speaks! That is all.

State of Matter2902d ago (Edited 2902d ago )

Yeah WOW is what I said too when I heard this, I didnt think they would make the 5mill they wanted, plus they said 50 million 360s have sold world wide, 360 is a beast, its only a matter of time before it passes Wii at this rate.

No I thought wii was at 60 mill, sorry. 360 will still catch up just not before Wii2

oldjadedgamer2902d ago

Let's be honest, the wii is a beast that will not be past while both the wii and 360 are their main consoles.

Not saying the 360 won't pass the wii eventually, but I assume the wii2 would be out.

KILLERAPP2902d ago

State of Matter:

You do know the wii has sold over 75 million consoles right???

Anon19742902d ago (Edited 2902d ago )

Wow. I was so far off on my prediction on this. Kinect did way better than I ever thought it would. It'll be interesting to see if interest in it stays strong after the holidays, and if the games on it do better than the way casual have been purchasing games on the Wii. Well played, Microsoft. Motion gaming certainly isn't for everyone, but I never would have believed something like Kinect could have moved that many units when I saw what they had to offer at E3 this year.

pswi602902d ago Show
Mahr2902d ago

I imagine a lot of N4G users are on suicide watch right about now.

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Tinasumsum2902d ago (Edited 2902d ago )

Way more than I thought. I was guessing 6 or maybe 7 million. Good job Microsoft for supplying demand and doing such a good job after they first where selling out people were saying Kinect wasn't selling. So much for the I see them everywhere DC

-Alpha2902d ago (Edited 2902d ago )

What was their 2010 goal again? 5 Million? 10 million?

Edit: Well then you have to hand it to them, they know how to market their product

SixZeroFour2902d ago

5mil by the end of the year

pachter said 11mil combining both move and kinect by the end of the year

Tinasumsum2902d ago

It was 3 million and when the pre-orders took off Microsoft predicted 5 million but anybody could see the way it was selling 5 million was off.

Tony-A2902d ago (Edited 2902d ago )

They say sold. It's sold, right? Shipped/Sold? Does sold mean sold and shipped mean sold? Is that for one company? Not entirely sure anymore thanks to this community.

Anyway, I was guessing right between their goal and their actual number. If I were a corp business, I would tell people we're guessing lower than we're actually guessing to make it sound like we blew our expectations out of the water. I'd say it's a great technique cuz it works.

kissmeimgreek2902d ago

Im guessing so... They said they beat their estimate of 5 mil SOLD so im assuming 8 mil is for sold as well.

-Alpha2902d ago (Edited 2902d ago )

I thought sold always meant shipped. Can I please get a definite answer because I swear people constantly interchange the meanings.

Non_sequitur2902d ago

When merchandise is shipped it must have been ordered by a retailer. At the end of the month the retailers pay for what they ordered. Even if there are some still on shelves at the end of the month it still counts as sold for the company who sells the merchandise to the retailer. To find out how many consumers actually bought it is much harder; unless every company had a perpetual inventory system and disclosed sales information in real time.

thenickel2902d ago

SO basically all companies use this tactic because there is no way in knowing just how many were sold to consumers.

Spenok2902d ago

Shipped, theres a new article up where MS confirmed to IGN these are shipped numbers.