Preorder Dead Space 2 at Gamestop, Get Rivet Gun

Hell Descent: Not only can you unlock the classic Plasma Cutter in Dead Space 2, but you can also unlock the Rivet Gun from Dead Space: Extraction. This exclusive does not come from a save file, but a preorder from Gamestop. Announced just moments ago on Facebook by the official Dead Space page, we learn that this weapon will be available only to those who purchase their games from the unstoppable force that is Gamestop.

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Arsenic133858d ago

Preorder DLC sucks so much.

GWAVE3858d ago

Question: is this the same "spear gun" that was usable in the demo?

Arsenic133858d ago

I believe so. Same functions...

ironfist923858d ago

No its not. Different. Although the spear gun was hilarious to use.

Minifig3858d ago

That's right baddies.. FEAR MY RIVET GUN.

Gawd that sounds lame. :|

Seriously, worst 'exclusive' preorder bonus ever.

Jaces3858d ago

I'll take the amazon preorder bonus over this, hacker suit ftw!

Arsenic133858d ago

That's not Amazon only. Every retailer sends you a code for Dead Space Ignition which upon completion, gets you the hacker suit.

mightyboot3858d ago (Edited 3858d ago )

Isnt that same weapon you unlock after you beat the game?

Neo Nugget3858d ago

Gamestop! Burn it with fire!

ironfist923858d ago (Edited 3858d ago )

Collect your code first, then proceed with the aformentioned burning of said retail store.


GusBricker3858d ago

The collector's edition comes with this:

•Isaac Clark’s collectible replica Plasma Cutter. Plasma Cutter is modeled from the new design in Dead Space 2 and features trigger activated LED lights.
•The Dead Space 2 Original Soundtrack. Soundtrack features an hour of music compiled from the score of Dead Space 2. Also included is a Scoring of Dead Space 2 featurette.
•Rare lithograph depicting Necromorph transformation concept art by Visceral Games artist Brett Marting.
•Isaac Unitology Suit and accompanying Force Gun in-game items. Each offer unique advantages to the player when used in Dead Space 2.

ironfist923858d ago (Edited 3858d ago )

European PS3 owners miss out on the Plasma replica.

I has a Keanu...

phantomexe3857d ago

Gets you dead space extraction on the PS3 as well. The SP copy only gets you the demo of extraction.

Dr-Zoidberg3856d ago

Not entirely true, here in the UK we only have the limited edition which does come with the full game of extraction as well as the collectors edition.

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