Microsoft: Please scrap GFWL right now.

Batman: Arkham Asylum for the PC uses Games for Windows: LIVE features and this is the story of the harrowing experience that the author encountered with getting GFWL to work.

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krouse933858d ago

I agree with this one hundred percent. Because I purchased the game Red Faction Guerrilla and I was unable to play the game and save without doing the update. So I let the update run.. and run.. and I decided to go out and come back and 3 hours later it was almost done. I still have yet to play the game because the stupid game for windows live update is so much of a pain that I would rather pass a kidney stone.

ATi_Elite3858d ago

I don't know about pissing Kidney Stones as I have heard that is the male equivalent of having a baby.

Anyway we all know GFWL sucks balls so just BUY the GFWL retail copy and apply a nice big fat crack. I'm gonna avoid GFWL like the plague but I'm not gonna miss out on Batman AC. The editor is right as GFWL severely punishes those who bought it while those using cracks get to enjoy the game without issue's.

Charmers3858d ago

The best way to combat GFWL is to NOT BUY games that use GFWL. Most developers are already coming around to the fact that GFWL = death sentence for game sales on the PC. There are very few developers still sticking with the service but they will eventually come around.

The problem is not GFWL though the problem is Microsoft is NOT committed to the PC platform. The GFWL service could be one of the best services available on the PC it could even rival steam. But for some reason MS does not seem all that bothered about supporting the service.

So since MS can't be bothered with GFWL I don't see why I should be bothered with it either. I will stick to steam until a better service becomes available. If developers bring out a game that is GFWL I just don't bother with it.

Baka-akaB3858d ago

this , it's idiotic to advise buying them then cracking them .

Once purchased you already funded the war effort .

Get those from steam already when possible or dont (i dont even wanna hear about the obvious third alternative)

Arup023858d ago (Edited 3858d ago )

I was invited to the beta of Section 8: Prejudice. But i had to update the game. I let the update run and got out. When i got back the update wasn't even at 1%. Now i have the beta but i'm unable to play. Fuck you GFWL

StarScream4Ever3858d ago

In the image:
-Batman is Steam choking GFWL.


Megaton3858d ago

Joker is way cooler than GFWL.

radphil3858d ago

Woah woah woah woah. That's an insult to Joker.

radphil3857d ago

StarScream, we know you were joking like the rest of us here. :p

StarScream4Ever3858d ago

OK geez ppl, I like Joker too...

jillthornton3858d ago

Actually I implied that the user was joker being choked on the the burly hands of a dark, shady billionaire.

*Wink wink*

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Ducky3858d ago

Why do devs even bother with GFWL?
It doesn't stop pirates, neither does Ubisoft's fancy DRM, nor steam.

jillthornton3858d ago

Steam does stop pirates. It stops them by making the act of buying the legit game a better experience (online features, achievements, friends list, in game interface, weekly deals, etc.) than the pirated version.

Karum3858d ago

Last time I reformatted my machine and installed Arkham Asylum on Steam I had to sign into my LIVE account (use the same one for GFWL as I do for Xbox) and had to download an update and install it....I had to do this like 3 times at least before actually being able to complete the login process and actually play the game. I wouldn't have bothered with it but I was forced to in order to be actually able to save my game. Ridiculous.

I simply do not see the point of it all.

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