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The Xbox 720 (which is what it will unlikely be called) is what we would like to expect from Microsoft’s next console release.

If, like us, you were slightly disappointed by the recent announcements by the various big wigs at Microsoft stating that Kinect will add five years onto the Xbox 360’s life span, then we are sure you have found yourself wondering what the next generation console will be like. Well I thought I would share some of the features and ideas that I would like to see implemented into the ’720′ including the Kinect2.

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Matthew943853d ago

apart from lower failure rate and blueray thats all

they are never going to make online free and the hardware itself is fine just it keeps breaking

jut4203853d ago

"the hardware itself is fine just it keeps breaking"

that doesn't even make's either fine or it's broken

darthv723853d ago

bluray...not so much. It doesnt need to mimic the competition. It just needs to provide the best gaming experience it can. Bluray is just a storage medium. If they chose to use something bigger than dvd and proprietary wouldnt bother me.

I think back at all the previous consoles that had their own formats but in the end it was more about the quality of the games. Not the disc, card, cartridge they were on. Technology today has proven that we can store more in smaller spaces (ex: flash memory). If MS chose to distribute their games on SD cards in excess of 32gb or somehow revive the dead movie format HDDVD and strictly use it for games...both ideas are significantly better than regular dvd.

Just make sure there is sufficient memory/cpu to handle the decompression of audio/video data on the fly.

DualConsoleOwner3853d ago (Edited 3853d ago )

not my words but analysts.

purely because making games became so risky.

just look at how many devs/publishers went bankrupt.
also, look at how much sony and ms lost. MS just started turning profit last year.

and success of wii shows that graphics and such is not as important as it used to be.

SixZeroFour3853d ago

sure it makes sense...the specs of the hardware are fine, it just keeps breaking

AAACE53853d ago (Edited 3853d ago )

For the last time... The 360 is doing what the Ps1 and Ps2 did, and that's switching over to the mainstream audience while getting prepared for the next console!

MS and Nintendo really liked how Sony was able to release a new console and still have it's previous console sell well. Sony switched the focus on both of it's previous consoles to casuals right before their new console released. Even though more kiddie games came out we were still getting games like God of War 2 and such.

MS' lack of first party exclusive announcements combined with a focus on casual gaming leads me to believe that we could hear about the next console very soon... It could very well be the announcement that Major Nelson is suppose to make, but I believe they would probably save that for E3.

I may be alone here, but I get a feeling that we will hear from all 3 about their future consoles this year!

And for you Sony doubters who don't believe me... Sony said they wanted the Ps1 to last for 10 years, it did, but they released the next console 5 years into it's lifecycle. They wanted the Ps2 to last 10 years, same thing happened. I expect the same thing to happen this gen as well. Having a new console released doesn't devalue the one youy love because it still does all of the wonderful things you love about it.

The only thing that is making me doubt my own opinion is the fact that they usually announce the new console after the current one drops below the $150 mark! But then again, this generation of consoles for the most part costed significantly more than the previous ones.

Either way, I think we should hear something this year!

EDIT: Guy in the article is a f'in idiot! I don't wanna put my credit/debit card info in either console! If Kinect was built into the next console, you would have to move it around or put it in a place you don't want to! 3d will be implemented into almost everything in the future, did he really have to suggest it? Powerful console cost a lot of money, I think the next gen will be a bit more powerful, but all companies will try to keep the cost down. I don't remember the last point he made, but he struck out in my book already!

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Matthew943853d ago

how?? the specs are fine for this gen its just unreliable

showtimefolks3853d ago (Edited 3853d ago )

wii 2 years max
xbox 3 years max
ps4 4 years than we will seee ps4 and ps3 will still be in market for 2-4 years so that makes it 12 years of ps3

wii its about time

xbox360 can still compete in this market for a while but next xbox should have high storage disks whether its hd-dvd or bluray

ps3 its only been 4 years in the market could be here for another 8 years think about that 8 more years and like ps2 is making sony money ps3 will be making sony money when they will be selling new ps4

xbox720?(bad name)

as with better graphics more horse power etc,

no more controller charge kit make it like ps3
memory card slots
bluray or HD-DVD
bigger hard drive it goes for ps3 too but it would be nice if MS would just allow us to change our HD with any size not the one MS sellls
wifi-N or at taht time whatever is the router

and we have ourself a awsome console

ps3destroyer3846d ago

We want.New colour in the failure ets to Red Rings Of Death.We want destroying games like FF13 who was coming as powerhouse and ended up looking like a ps2 game.Basically we want Microsoft to drop off the battle and leave the big boss to handle the Job.Microsoft has been owned this gen for sure.Expect Sony to pass the 80 million ps3s in 2011.

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Mcardle3853d ago

I would seriously doubt any hardware issues, They won't rush it to the market this time and It will be as solid as the original xbox.

MariaHelFutura3853d ago

IDK about that. They will definitely HAVE TO come out before the PS4, since the PS3 has more life left in it then the 360.

Mcardle3853d ago

Yeah but because it has far more life in it, the next xbox will easily come before the ps4.

MariaHelFutura3853d ago

Yeah. You could be right. I guess we`ll have to wait and see. I`ll own them both anyway.

ps3destroyer3846d ago

Yeah the ps3 will age and the 360 will burn to hell as you said it.Suck it 360 fanboys.

gta28003853d ago

If the PS4 was revealed and they had a release date I'm pretty sure Microsoft would rush to release the next xbox before that date.

Joe Bomb3853d ago

They should have picked HD-DVD for the 360 in the first place, now they would have to use BD for the 720 no matter what, dumb MS. I would also love free online but that will never happen with them.

blackburn53853d ago (Edited 3853d ago )

Not to burst anyones bubble or anything but didn't Microsoft already state that Kinect is their next gen console? If so there isn't going to be a '720'. Sorry. @ StickTwiddlers. Didn't say that but seeing that a console's life span is several years, I think it is too early to talk about another system

StickTwiddlers3853d ago (Edited 3853d ago )

I think it's fairly unrealistic to expect that Microsoft are never going to release another console ever again now that they've released Kinect.
The average life span of a console is about 5 years and with Microsoft stating that Kinect will add another 5 years, yes it will be a while before the next console will be released.
This was taken into consideration when the article was written and is mentioned.

iamnsuperman3853d ago

I never really got the points system surely showing something in actually money makes more sense

GodofSackboy3853d ago

The points system is a phsycological thing that makes you spend more. Subconsciously you don't mind spending "points" as much as money, so it another way M$ extracts cash.

hmmmm3852d ago

The idea behind the point system is that no matter what region you are in, everything costs the same in points. So what is 800 points in the US is 800 points in AUS and the UK etc.

It makes it easier for microsoft to put products up and also makes it easier for marketing a product internationally too.

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