Final Version of 3DS Doesn't Have 96MB of RAM

Yesterday's super-big gaming news revolved around the release of a batch of leaked photos of what looks like a Nintendo 3DS, allegedly lifted from the factory line by an employee. Yesterday we brought you the pictures and let you judge for yourself. But today, I talked to a couple of my friends in the industry to clarify just what we're looking at, and the answers were a bit of a surprise.

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wwm0nkey3234d ago

No final specs besides the PICA 2000's where confirmed, the IGN list was not official and they where VERY wrong with their PSP specs too.

EYEamNUMBER13234d ago

no actual specs have been even given yet im still curious
some people are saying 1 thing while others are saying another

personally i don't like articles like this where they just say oh some guy told me this etc etc

Muletroid3234d ago

yeah i just keep seeing random rumors with no kind of backing whatsoever like this one

whatever the specs are they will be shown soon enough
i think it comes out next month in japan

s0ph1atr0n3234d ago

That's too bad, especially if PSP 2 ends up having 1GB of RAM as rumored. It's going to have a massive visual/technical advantage.

CrazyForGames3234d ago

the psp had a massive visual/technical advantage over the DS and look at how things turned out there

ThanatosDMC3234d ago (Edited 3234d ago )

Piracy killed PSP software sales. There was a graph of sold a certail game and the amount of piracy it had somewhere.

Dissidia: Final Fantasy
5,281,223 downloads worth 30,631,093,400 yen ($335 million)

Phantasy Star Portable 2 –
4,665,510 downloads worth 22,394 million yen ($245 million)

Dynasty Warriors Strikeforce –
2,072,942 downloads worth 9,950 million yen ($109 million)

Monster Hunter Freedom Unite –
1,820,282 downloads worth 8,322 million yen ($91 million)

Crisis Core: Final Fantasy VII –
1,223,881 downloads worth 7,098 million yen ($77 million)

Mobile Suit Gundam: Gundam vs. Gundam Next Plus –
1,1187,341 downloads worth 7,100 million yen ($77 million)

Tales of the World Radiant Mythology 2 –
1,131,319 downloads worth 5,603 million yen ($61 million)

Hopefully this is not what's going to happen to the PS3.

TimeSkipLuffy3234d ago

Yes. The PSP was a great handheld but I think it cost too much to create AAA games for it. I don't believe piracy is the main cause of the PSP loosing to the DS. The DS was easier to bypass. There are tons of roms out there that are faster to download than PSP games.

I hope for the PSP2 that it will support trophies. There are a lot of trophy hunters out there that will just buy games to play for trophies XD.

s0ph1atr0n3234d ago

The DS wasn't $300 though like the 3DS, and it was also Sony's first foray into the handheld gaming business. Nintendo is a household name for handheld gaming; Sony is simply catching up.

The 3DS and PSP 2 are probably going to be the exact same price, and if Sony does indeed go with touchscreen and memory sticks instead of discs, the two platforms should have similar sales.

firefoxprime3234d ago

Nah. I disagree. I don't believe those handhelds will have similiar sales for one simple reason. The 3DS is doing exactly what the psp could do.

Play core games. The psp had huge 3rd party support. Now, so does the 3DS.

Only people who will buy the psp, will be hd buffs, and mostly some psp users wanting to upgrade. i'll purchasing one as well, but if the psp2 just offers basically the same as the 3ds minus the 3d, i'll pass.

Because seriously. We'll just be playing more ports. The only ports on the ds were rpg's, and some A games. I don't want more of the same. I want the developers to create a unique handheld experience. Now a stripped down version of a console experience, and then complain about dual analogs.

bananlol3234d ago

How do you know that the psp2 wont have 3d? I mean whom of the 3 console makers have actually invested capital in the 3d market? The only thing im worried about when it comes to the psp2 is the playtime, the crappy battery is bascally what killed the first one.

Dac2u3234d ago (Edited 3234d ago )

PSP2 won't have 3D - Sony

Also, the PSP2 will not have 1GB of memory, unless they plan on outputting 720p-1080p onto a TV. There's a reason most video cards aren't in the 2GB area, because any more is not needed at our current resolutions. The amount of memory needed is determined by the resolution used and any background apps that need to be running. With a small screen and low resolution, you need very little memory to run a game properly. People were getting all worked up over the 3DS possibly having 96MB of ram, but it doesn't need more.

lizard812883234d ago

i doubt the psp2 will cost the same as the 3ds. i can see if for about $400+ easily. and if people are pissed about the 3DS price, wait until sony reviles the price of the psp2

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hot1113234d ago

PSP2 has no chance against 3DS,even if it has 10GB RAM and costs $99.
Nintendo knows what handhelds are all about,Sony on the other hand...

Specs will be known when someone opens 3DS.

wwm0nkey3234d ago

Dude are you really stupid or just like to start flame wars?

Perkel3234d ago

"Nintendo knows what handhelds are all about"

Coocking mama eh ?

Sony is doing outstanding job last years.

I mean MGS:Peace Walker is reason to buy PSP same as God of War Chains of Olympus or Ghost of sparta. Disgaea games are fantastic, and there is nothing better than playing old PS1 games on your PSP like Vagrant Story, FFVII or Front Mission 3.

Monster Hunter via adhoc is a blast.

Sony with PSP done outstanding job for their FIRST handheld.

As of PSP2 i fear that will be in 400$ range :/ but it will be allover again DS/PSP where 3DS will be outdated already after premiere.

gorebago3234d ago

I got rid of my ds after about a year and am on my second psp (dropped original one). Same with the wii. Sold that, kept ps3. Loved nintendo when I was a kid, not so much anymore.

soren3233d ago

lets be real here the gams u named on the psp were like the only good gams that came out on it ever since lounch XD ds has always had loads of games ds never has a long wait for the good games to come out on psp well you pritty much got all the games named. ur also missing kingdom hearts crisis core and monster hunter i never played those on the psp but i like monster hunter and i seen my brothers play crisis core and kindom hearts and they look cool but despite those thast really about it :/

King-Leonidas3234d ago

wow i literally rofl when i read your comment thank you :)

Dsnyder3234d ago

3DS is have laughably weak specs just like every other nintendo made pice of tech.

wwm0nkey3234d ago

We only know of the 2 Pica200's. Nothing else.

TimeSkipLuffy3234d ago

It doesn't matter as long as the target market will buy them and print money for BigN. If you can't sell your console there will be less developers creating games for your handheld.

AGamerOfConsoles3234d ago

Ok then I suppose you want the most powerful processor in the world and have a crippled battery life. Plus you cannot even spell piece.

ElementX3234d ago (Edited 3234d ago )

Who the hell is Console Press? Who are these anonymous sources? Why would they be afraid to come forward and say their devkit has less than 95MB of RAM?

"The only details I’ll give are that if you own a PS3, their bestselling game is probably on your top 10 list" So if they're so well known, why not tell which game they helped develop? Who cares if they tell the specs of the 3DS? This all seems pretty shady. You aren't going to get in trouble for stating system specs, and if you do have a mega-hit on the PS3, why not make yourself known?

Dark_Overlord3234d ago

Maybe they'd signed an NDA?

theonlylolking3234d ago

They probably cant be told who they are or else they will lose their job and could mess up their careers.

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