10.0 Little Big Planet 2 review

Pressfire writes:

One of the most impressive thing about the 2008-charm bomb " Little Big Planet "was the way the creative players to build and create more content to the game.

The developers at Media Molecule would continue to develop the game, they said as late as autumn 2009 - the surprise was so great when they just after the announced sequel.

It's just as well, for " Little Big Planet 2 "is a great continuation of games, Create, share concept. It is technically superior to its predecessor, and much, much more ambitious.

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hakis864528d ago

I have to admit it's a bit dissapointing that the 3D support is removed.
Other than that it seems excellent!

MariaHelFutura4528d ago (Edited 4528d ago )

I bet you it`ll be patched. I think they just wanted to get it out quicker considering 2011 is about to be bombarded w/ software on the PS3. Multiplats and Exclusives.

hakis864528d ago

I hope so.

Same thing happened with NFS: Hot Pursuit... don't think that game has recieved a 3D patch yet?

Pixel_Enemy4528d ago

I own all three consoles and I just have to mention that if you do not have a PS3 in 2011 you ARE missing out big time!!

DORMIN4528d ago

Thanks Media Molecule!!!!!!! XD

Sizzon4528d ago (Edited 4528d ago )

Good score from that Norwegian site :)

Edit: That