Plasma Station : Sonic The Hedgehog 4 Review

Breathe easy, Sonic fans. SEGA got this one right. We’ve waited a long time (about 16 years) for a great sonic title. It was definitely worth the wait. Keep in mind this is just the first episode of three, four, or more so we will have lots of sonic going around and keeping us busy for a while. There are four levels in this game. They took four of the original stages and amped those up a lot using the gaming engine they used for sonic unleashed. The stages are colorful, intriguing, fun and they put a lot more work into these levels to change them up. I wish they would’ve actually made new levels not just remakes but this is just episode 1...

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mushroomwig3239d ago

@At the report comment

So what if the game is a few months old? It doesn't stop the review from being any less relevant.

NJShadow3238d ago

Can't say I really agree with this review, as this game was a big turn-off for me. I mean, it was a valiant effort, a good try, but there were just so many things wrong with this game (gravity, speed, flow, level design, sound, etc.). There were very few things about this game, aside from the fact that Sega's finally started to re-embrace the old formula.

Perhaps because I was a huge fan of the older Sonic games, but I'm still hopeful that Sega will get their stuff together for Episode 2. If not, well then the core Sonic series (main storyline) is really in trouble.

But yeah, you may want to consider those other folks who enjoyed the "old-style" of play, because I guarantee you that there are quite a few that aren't too stoked about it.

Yi-Long3238d ago

... compared to what a couple of fans made in their basement (Sonic Remix), Sega has dropped the ball once again BIG-TIME when it comes to doing Sonic justice.

Information Minister3238d ago

I thought the level design in Sonic 4 was great. It's basically the only redeeming quality in the entire game, since you're right about everything else. The terrible physics and unresponsive controls absolutely killed it for me. People talk about Alan Wake and GT5, but Sonic 4 was the biggest disappointment for me in 2010. It's an iPhone game, and it shows.

Baka-akaB3238d ago (Edited 3238d ago )

i'm not convinced so far . Sega got the means and budget to release some insanely beautiful 2d hd sonic , with either the gameplay intact or improved .

And instead they release that thing , a throw back with a gameplay even inferior . Hell the amateur project shown months ago feels more like a true sonic than this .

Of course , it doesnt matter , if it sells , then let people con themselves

NJShadow3238d ago

LOL, nearly EVERY amateur project eclipses Sonic 4. I mean, I need to find out who is making these decisions at Sega, go there, and smack them in the back of the head.

Baka-akaB3238d ago

worse thing is , that guy is actually very smart , even if evil .

he know sonic sold no matter what , and when the risk of people truly getting fed up arose (after like at least 5 crappy games) they give you that mediocre offering to nostalgic to rekindle the flame .

A complete success .
And if people start complaining about that new serie again ? It's back to the mediocre 3d ones in a brand new "rebirth" !!

SoapShoes3238d ago

The amateur project was only a video, not an actual created game though. There really aren't many good fangames out there.

AnonUser55553238d ago


Unless we're talking about a different amateur project...It's called Sonic Remix and its available for download. Ive played it. It rocks.

AnonUser55553238d ago

"SEGA got it right...until you play Sonic Remix and realize that's ACTUALLY what you've wanted all these years."