Hell Descent: Dead Space 2 Composer Interview

Hell Descent: Dead Space has a fantastic score. The eerie tunes that perforate the game are quite memorable. The bangs, shrills, and powerful thrashing all comes from the composer behind the series, Jason Graves. Graves has worked on the series since the very first Dead Space, and now the sequel. We had a chance to talk to Jason about his new work on the highly anticipated Dead Space 2. His work is powerful and dare we say…visceral? Hit the jump for the full interview.

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VersusEM3941d ago

It would be cool if gaming had composer skilled as John Willams(Star Wars, Harry Potter) or Hans Zimer(Dark Knight, Inception) Now those two are legends.

Arsenic133941d ago

It's slowly approaching that. I can't remember who, but some video game composer was accepted into a mainstream awards. This was a first.

Rhezin3941d ago

So the guy Hans Zimer did the Dark Knight score? Wow gotta look that guy up that score was incredible.

For me though my favorite composer has got to be Michael Giacchino.