STP: Monkey Labour Review

Andrew Podolsky from Slide To Play writes:

For most of our readers, your first handheld gaming system was probably a Game Boy, Game Gear, or even a Turbografx-16. But a few of our older readers will recall Game & Watch devices, which kids today probably only know about because of the tiny stickmen who appear in Super Smash Brothers. Dawn of Play remembers those early handheld games, and pays proper homage with Monkey Labour.

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layne103919d ago

This game takes me back to my childhood. Nice attention to details. I think I will play this one for a long time. Gets pretty hard later on, which is great.

nabru3919d ago

What is your best score? Did you unlock any achievements?

layne103919d ago

Almost 3500 points. Soon I will have all the achievements, except the insanely hard one, 9000 points, I believe. It's over 9000!!! Funny stuff.

nabru3919d ago

Excellent remake both in appearance and gameplay!

Utone3919d ago

Wooohoooo that's nice!
A piece of art that is sooo going on my iPhone!