Who is the Greatest Video Game Zombie Hunter?

With the latest fad of adding a zombie mode to your video games, I thought I would analyze the latest zombie hunting heroes, and using the guidelines from the popular novel by Max Brooks, “The Zombie Survival Guide” see who would realistically be the best bet to team up with in a zombie invasion. The results? Read on to find out.

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cemelc3242d ago

Leon F Kennedy hands down

maxcavsm3242d ago (Edited 3242d ago )

Maybe if you want to control like a tank and not be able to move and shoot at the same time. Otherwise, right on! :)

AmigoSniped3242d ago

I would have to agree based on the guide marston would be the best.

DarkFantasy3242d ago

Ash from Evil Dead he has a shotgun and a chainsaw for a hand(also a metal hand) and lots of experience of killing the undead,outher then that leon kennedy res4 FTW!

InstantKarma3242d ago

According to the guide, chainsaw is the last thing you want to survive. too loud+ Lack of fuel+ cumbersome.

DarkFantasy3242d ago (Edited 3242d ago )

I disagree if your being overruned with zombies why would you be worry about being quiet turn on that chain saw and chop some zombie heads off your main goal is to survive,but if you where being sneaky obviously you would not use it.really it all depends on your tactics and the situation pretty much any weapon would make noise so what is the point in being quiet.being quiet and sneaky will only get you so far until you make that next turn and see a pack of zombies running to bite your head off :P even the one who they said was the best John Marston would make noise with his rifle.

garrod3242d ago

Bill from Left 4 Dead. Greatest man in a Zombie apocalypse ever hands down.

TheStonedSheep3242d ago

How is John not 10/10, he's the sh*t at hunting zombies.

InstantKarma3242d ago

Mostly because he doesn't nail down the hatches and lay low, he runs out into the ocean. Which he can do, since he is muthaf**kin John Marston.