E4G: Mass Effect 2 Demo Impressions

Both gamers and critics alike have loved the Mass Effect series. For a while now, PS3 owners have been left by the wayside and unable to enjoy the series. Now, it is finally making its way to the Playstation and Sony fans everywhere have been rejoicing. After sitting down the demo, I am as excited has ever...

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MysticStrummer3241d ago

After all I've read about this game, my first playthrough of the demo was a huge letdown for the most part, but I decided to try the different classes and it eventually grew on me. Still... the AI is mostly A, sometimes even when you tell them where to go, the animations and particularly the facial expressions remind me of Oblivion, which isn't good, and for all I've heard about the characters in this story, the only interesting one in the demo was the alien doctor. I can only guess that the demo doesn't represent the full game very well, because based on the demo I can't see what all the GotY talk was about. I guess most demos for eventual GotY don't really convey the greatness properly though. Anyway, it grew on me enough to check it out, but Deadspace 2 has to come first.

Sharingan_no_Kakashi3241d ago

Same here man. I couldn't wait to play this because it was one of the only xbox games that I really wanted to play. But that demo killed my hype a little. I didn't even finish it. Still might try it though.