Notably Absent from Game of the Year: Halo Reach, Call of Duty: Black Ops, Gran Turismo 5

A strange phenomenon, indeed, for games who all either set or got close to setting sales records to not get mentioned at all for Game of the Year, let alone be considered for Top Ten Games of the Year lists.

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GWAVE3241d ago

I think all three mentioned games were excluded for a reason.

GT5 - whether you agree with the review scores or not, GT5 is a racing sim, and racing games win GotY...never.
Halo Reach - the multiplayer was good, but the graphics were outdated, the campaign was average, and there were a tiny amount of maps included with the game
Black Ops - thank the Lord this game didn't get GotY awards across the board. It's broken and deserves no recognition.

Serjikal_Strike3241d ago

They may not be GotY but,
they should at least be in a top 10 games of 2010 list!

Masamori Sumimura3241d ago (Edited 3241d ago )

eh no GT5 wasnt there because it wasnt one of the best racers this year. that's it. forza3 scored better. You'Re always trying to take shots at xbox games.

eggbert3241d ago

Hurr durr because the highest scoring games always win GOTY.

Red Dead Redemption swept the boards even though games like SMG2 and ME2 scored higher on metacritic. One of the things they look for is what game is bringing new things to the table. GT5 is an updated racing sim, Reach is an updated Halo 3, and BO is an updated MW2.

Sure these games brought some new things to the table, but the jist of their content was the same as their previous installments. RDR on the otherhand forged a completely new world and opted for a more distinct western setting as opposed to the overused space marine/realistic shooter.

MintBerryCrunch3241d ago

and you just took a shot at a PS3 game....kinda contradicts your statement there bud

AmigoSniped3241d ago

Even If they were "left off" it was for a good reason and don't deserve any goy awards.

mobijoker3241d ago

2010 was year of ME2 and RDR.The games mentioned had to be the best in their franchise history to beat those two mammoths.But they weren't simply the best in their own series.

LordMarius3241d ago

GT5 was just another GT game
Reach was just another Halo game
Black Ops was just another Call of Duty game

nothing new or exciting

maxcavsm3240d ago

Good point, +1 Agree.
The scary thing is that each game (well, I don't think Halo Reach did), set sales records. These mediocre sequels are selling a megaton of games.