Assassin's Creed Brotherhood Doesn't Hold a Candle to Assassin's Creed 2

Note:Inspired by historical games and developers, this work of opinion was written, created and produced by a multicultural team of various religious faiths and beliefs, and one angry Irishman.

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Rainstorm813245d ago

AC: Brotherhood....better graphics, better combat, more features (ie: Assassins Guild).......Yea AC2 was sooo much better /s

Serjikal_Strike3245d ago

yup agree....AC brotherhood was better in all aspects...

and it was points added to have multiplayer..

Cregan4584onYouTube3244d ago

I loved Brotherhood, it was my favorite game of the year. Cannot wait for AC3 after hearing rumors of a WW2 setting

Baba19063244d ago

brotherhood was much much better than 2 i think. and im addicted to the online.

N311V3244d ago

I thought the only thing better in AC2 was story, the revenge plot was good. There wasn't enough emphasis on what you were fighting fo in brotherhood for me. Apart from that was better in every way.

InstantKarma3245d ago

The graphics were the same in every way, the combat just got easier, and the features never really gave anything to the story.

AmigoSniped3245d ago

I thinka brotherhood is alot better in all aspects of the game. I think you are mistaken but understand where you are coming from.

MariaHelFutura3244d ago

Candle....NO. Blade through the throat...YES.

mobijoker3244d ago

Brotherhood is better but it should have been in AC2.Creed is trying to become yearly projects which may lead to unfinished story like AC2 and then we will be forced buy a new game to finish the story.Though brotherhood is definitely the best in the series so far,but the way it came is a bad practice and should not be encouraged.It could have been a nice expansion with a lower price tag.

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