G4TV: Kung-Fu Live Review

The entire experience of playing Kung Fu Live filled G4TV's heart with longing for a Kinect version. It's like an ad for Microsoft's control-system. They couldn't help but imagine the possibilities inherent in this game. If the on-screen avatar wasn't so terrible. If the controls worked better. If there was a little more variety in the action. If there was less frustration and more wackiness. It would be a good little game. But that's a ton of "ifs," so, save your money and wait for the (hoped for!) Kinect version.

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killa_sam3235d ago

I got the game and I love it. Too bad the review doesn't show you making a jackass of yourself.

blackburn53235d ago

I am sure if it WAS a Kinect game they would have given it at least a 3 out of 5 with some flimsy excuse why. Xplay/G4TV I still haven't forgotten that little waggle play acting you did claiming Move doesn't work. You guys suck.

chase1673235d ago

2 out of 5 is g4tv channel rating