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Iamback3241d ago

some times i wish gaming would die just so these douchebags that don't to pay for games can go back and play Tetris all day.

Kos-Mos3241d ago

But Tetris is one of few games you actually have to use your brain when playing. You can`t play it blind like gow, gow, gta, gears, me etc.

King-Leonidas3241d ago

lol i wouldnt be surprised if this geohot guy wakes up in a car boot going to tokyo

Kon_Artist 3240d ago

yaaaaaa u can play those blind...

theonlylolking3240d ago

Actually the games you listed actually take as much and sometimes more brain activity than tetris or any daily activity. Even though you might think you are not thinking hard or someone else is not. Your brain waves show that you are thinking very hard and very fast.

mantisimo3240d ago (Edited 3240d ago )

I can't wait to meet Geohot at a conference or somewhere. I'm going to punch him in the face with a rock.

Vaud-Villian3240d ago

Simple block recognition and puzzle management uses instinct, comprehensive thinking and motor skills which is about 17% of the 10% of the brain we utilize. Now try played all the blind games you mentioned with your tv off (effectively blind) and see how far you go

zeeshan3240d ago (Edited 3240d ago )

Yup, it is official now. And not only PS3 but they have also acquired the keys of PSP that SONY were stupid enough to save in PS3!! So both PSP and PS3 are full blown open and they'll have a CFW very soon as they can sign every single thing and make it look like official SONY code.

No firmware updates/patches, no whitelist can work now. The only way Sony could kill this again is by going for a hardware revision and I don't think that they are going to do that.

If anything PS3 sales are going to explode now. I know piracy sucks but even the worst pirates end up buying some games.

I am reading all these doom and gloom articles about PS3 and SONY going down because it is wide open now but we all know that is not going to happen. But that's just stupid. Sony is a HUGE company!

Look at Wii and 360. They all got hacked years ago and they are still minting money. I am pretty damn sure that at least PS3 hardware sales are going to skyrocket as soon as CFW is out and probably destroy the competition!

Computersaysno3240d ago

There is no doubt Ps3 is completely open. Wide open, wider than any hacked console ever. Signing code is the ultimate hack, and its pretty much unfixable from sony's standpoint, they will only be fighting from a weak position whatever they do now.

Still, The fears about the death of PS3 resulting from this are unfounded. PS3 is now well established in the marketplace after 4 years, and the high profile PS3 exclusive games this year are nearly all sony's own which means guaranteed support and release still.

The other factor is that even if pirates buy machines and never spend a penny on genuine software, sony at least will not lose money on massive hardware sales. PS3's hardware is now selling for a profit and no longer a significant loss, so even selling a million more machines to pirates sony will not be damaged too badly financially, assuming people still pay for legit games.

The vast majority will still pay- the nature of console gaming means the pirates will always be in the minority, whereas Pc users are more likely to have the know how and ability to pirate.

rjdofu3240d ago (Edited 3240d ago )

@Kos-Mos: "You can`t play it blind like gow, gow, gta, gears, 'me' etc." lol yeah, you can play yourself blind.


OT: Sony being hacked will not changed much. Most of the other systems has been hacked years ago (PSP, xbox, wii, DS, and psp GO recently), and all of them are doing fine. I think only a small number of gamers will hack their consoles, and those will not affect Sony... much.


you put down "gow" twice on your little list there. and gears is right there too so dont try and cover it up and say thats what you meant.

anyway, i think n4g needs to wake up a bit. listen dude EVERY gaming platform on the market can have games downloaded or ripped off the internet for free. it wouldnt be the end of the ps3s days if they joined the party. and yeah, with the whole usb hack, it IS a lot easier to get ps3 games free...but consider how long sonys kept hackers away. ps3 has about 2 more e3s till they unveil then, well WHO CARES? were all gamers here right? we want the latest and greatest, RIGHT? by the time these hacks can do some serious damage, ps3s will be collecting dust.

so please, unless your actually interested in the homebrew aspect...stop paining for your big black boxes, making these articles top news.

CommonSense3240d ago

all the people crying on this thread are incredibly immature and you need to get real lives.

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GrieverSoul3241d ago

These guys are just blaming the removal of the OtherOS to excuse themselves that it took them 4 years to crack it.

These guys are good, I will give them that! But, what are these guys after?! Fame?! Fortune?! What for?! They cant handle social interaction unless it involves a basement and a greesy keyboard.

Geohot just wants a job by doing what? Cracking securities in an electronical device?! Whats next? A "profissional" thief teaching banks how to secure their money?! How about asking a mass murderer how to prevent mass assassinations...

Cloudx773241d ago

"Geohot just wants a job by doing what? Cracking securities in an electronical device?!"

You do realize that's an actual job right?

Leio3241d ago

So you're saying pirates need an excuse for pirating ?

GrieverSoul3241d ago

You know what I mean. But to put it simpler to you, imagine hiring a pedophile to work on a kindergarden. See the irony?! I know there are people who work on companies to iron out the potential flaws in a device security. But this guy has a past of wrong doing. Hire him would just be wrong and would encourage others to try and do the same.

Crazyfrog233241d ago (Edited 3241d ago )

Yes GrieverSoul these guys obviously lack any form of social interaction, its not like they got up on stage in-front of a large audience and camera's and talked for 40+ minutes.
Now if a person can do that, which most people struggle to do confidently i would say they are quite good at social interaction.

Edit: and you can't even compare this to a pedophile working in a kindergraden, giving a hacker a job in helping security is noting like the scary and disturbing scene you just painted

kneon3241d ago

"A "professional" thief teaching banks how to secure their money?!"

Right, because that sort of thing never happens

GrieverSoul3241d ago (Edited 3241d ago )

@all above

You guys are so focused in tearing my comment down and forgot the real issue here. Maybe u guys like stuff like this. Maybe piracy is a good thing in your eyes but its really not. Its a bad thing. Piracy might help console sales but it wont help the software sales. Games costs much more that they used to in the last generation. People tend to say that the PS2 was pirated and it sold buckets! But tend not to look at software sales. In the PS2, a million copies sold was an achievment, but right now it barely fits to cover production costs.

Maybe its bacause I have a job and get paid that I see things in a diferent way. Intelectual property is a serious business for me.

Crazyfrog233241d ago

I think most here will agree to not want piracy.
But the thing is we all focused on your original comment as it was a pile of crap, where you failed to even mention the main point of piracy yourself.So don't complain that we forgot to talk about it when you didn't mention it yourself.

dragonelite3241d ago

We guys dont think like the hackers they just want linux and run homebrew they dont care about pirating games.

ngecenk3241d ago

if these hackers intention is to improve security, then they would send their work result to sony, not showing it off in a conference. this is just another whos-got-a-bigger-dick contest.

i dont mind these hackers hack things up as long as they keep it personal and try to remind the company to develop a better security. the problem is they are so cocky explaining the method that piracy will take it as an opportunity. huge companies like sony or ms wouldnt be troubled that much by this. im sure they have lots of programmers to tackle this. the victim is the consumer: delayed game, system update, false-accused banned user, the list goes on.

dont you guys learn anything from PC gaming? next time PC user complaining about CoD being underperformed in PC, remember that its pirated version downloaded more than sold in PS3 (around 4 million). if i were the developer, i wouldnt even bothered to develop it on PC.

RustInPeace3241d ago

@ Crazyfrog
I know exactly what you and griever mean, and people DO get jobs for security with their hacking experience, but I think what griever means is how much can you trust them? I mean, great, you have someone who knows security code and whatnot very well, but is it that far fetched to think that the person in question wouldn't use that experience in a malicious way again for his own benefit? I mean just look at the people who worked for Sony, some shady employee releases the USB key to further HIS own means, NOT the industry (which he is hurting,but in a funny way,is screwing himself because profits wouldn't be as big)

zag3241d ago

I don't think this will mean much really.

I remember Geohot saying each PS3 has a completely different key so grabing 1 key from 1 PS3 is pointless, you'd need to grab the PS3 key from the PS3 itself before anything could work and in saying that you'd still not have the overall key to the CELL as GeoHot couldn't get that key anyway.

Read what he said last time.

That's when Sony came out and said the CELL chip can't be hacked and that came from IBM before all this came up.

Sure a hacker can claim to have busted a system but they don't make the system, if Sony alter the system or the CELL well hackers have gotten no where.

Also all this stuff comes from Sony firmware code being leaked not hackers busting the system them selves.

zag3241d ago

I do think it's funny how they keep saying it's only for home-brew when there's no home-brew on the PS3 in the first place bar yellowdog.

And on top of that the only home brew you could say from that was the xbox movie software being ported to it that's been it.

People wanting to run 8-bit games from the early 80's is a laugh as well, because that's what everyone :roll's eyes: wants to play on their brand new 2011 PS3.

darksied3241d ago

These guys are the most hypocritical people. If they just want their fame, they could show that they've done it WITHOUT RELEASING IT TO THE PUBLIC. They must truly hate Sony, because by releasing this to everyone, they're condoning piracy as if they caused it themselves. If they had just said "we've done it, but you're not getting it," that would have been commendable and Sony might have gotten in touch with them. Now, EVERY gaming system is a mess. Why won't these hackers just die already?

GrandTheftZamboni3240d ago

"[I]t'd be fun to be on the other side."

Other side of bars? Or other side of receiving end, when he lands a job picking up soaps in prison showers.

HSx93240d ago


Actually... People do get paid to hack a companies service, the company hires hackers to test out their security, if the hackers hack them, they pay the hackers and then patch that exploit. And yes there are professional thiefs who probably where hired to keep banks secured, I doubt it really happens because in real life circumstances are different. And yes there are people who are hired to prevent mass assassinations such as the Secret Service,etc.. no offense but your argument fails, doesn't mean I disagree with your opinion, your argument is just weak.

Zeevious3240d ago

People with unique skills in this area frequently consult, advise, and develop everything from risk-assessments to the code used to correct or circumvent these issues.

Failing for 4 years, then giving up and resorting to the theft of stolen internal code & hardware key, then claiming the security is "Epic Fail" is an "Epic Fail" in itself!

I can already see several alternative authentication approaches even with the root key known, that would invalidate any 'hack' -- Signed code or not.

The simplest validation of every program, signature, block and byte, then locking that system as authenticated, using on-system and remote authorization...finally, all new programs added are marked per-system, uniquely encrypted based on that system at the content-level. You can copy all you want and no matter what key you have, nothing will authenticate or run because all authentication is inferred.

At more complex levels, this can be extended to reading and writing encoded blocks and sectors on the storage device if needed. The validation code ideally would run entirely inside the Cell, which is designed just for this type of security. Once the longer, byte-by-byte validation is complete, only incremental additions and updates are it's slow ONCE for something new, then key's unique to that system and program are generated, and the file is encrypted with remotely provided, or locally unique code locked to that machine. No other machines key's would matter in this setting.

The system-unique codes I would base on individually generated random authentication signatures created from the actual program, file, or update package itself...this code is then sent and compared to an identical but independent database and only then is the unique key that allows the program to run provided. (With no shared source or comparison, both signatures must match -- even a program with a tiny hack shows up as a red-flag both locally and upon remote confirmation)

Essentially, for ProgramX to authenticate and run, you would need every single bit of ProgramX with absolutely nothing extra or authentication and function will fail.

The Hypervisor in OtherOS did a comparable job (relatively speaking)...and so well it was impenetrable without the hardware rom-swap glitch being needed to execute unauthorized code.

Since the PS3 is a largely closed system, every known, valid code and signature of the less than 1500 individual games and programs can be accounted for.

A small Cell program would slice a unique series of bits out of a new program, based on the console, system statistics, the program, code, length, details, dependencies, remote or local inscription, etc...

That signature is compared to the remote one, or a local validation database that does not rely on some simple checksum, but physical signature content verification.

Even with every key you can extract you get nothing you can run.

...and this is just one idea in 5 minutes, yawning, while taking a break at the end of my New Years vacation.

I'm sure there are even better idea's to sidestep this "epic fail" that was an "epic fail" of hackers who couldn't even do a decent job without stolen keys, code, and the debug system operating exactly as Sony designed it.

There are many ways to keep the system easy to use by the legitimate gamer and impossible to use...or enough of a nuisance that to thieves and casual pirates it's just not worth the trouble.

I'm sure I'll think of a few more as soon as I'm asked. (looks at seconds ticking...sighs...checks email...17 new messages, 16 from Sony - most titled "H E L P !"...)

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Blaze9293241d ago

"so these douchebags that don't to pay for games"

why is it always piracy with you people? Sure hacking consoles opens the gateway to piracy but believe it or not there ARE other major benefits from having a hacked console.

Piracy may be the bad but the good heavily outweighs the bad every time with a hacked console because it allows YOU to do what YOU want to your purchased machine and have a lot more features/uses.

Take a look at the PSP...well, that kind of failed because it was hacked like day 1. But looking pass piracy, you can do SO much more with Custom Firmware PSP than anything Sony ever intended for it or could possibly TRY coming up with. I'm still on a day 1 PSP-1000 model! Yes, it's hacked. And if it wasn't, I doubt I'd even still have that somewhat p.o.s. hardware 5 years later.

So yeah, I'm all for this. I say congrats and about time the PS3 has been hacked. I can't wait for custom firmware rollouts and the homebrew apps/enablers that follow!

Biggest3241d ago

It's funny that you claim there are major benefits to hacking consoles (aside from piracy) and you give exactly zero benefits (aside from piracy) to support that claim. There is one constant to hacking a console/handheld. You need a PC. As much as you see people saying "LOLCONSOLES!!! PC IS A BEAST!!!" (You are one of them when it fits your mood, Blaze929) a person would think that those same people know that a PC can do all of the things that hacked consoles can do, but much better. You have a PSP-1000 not because of the whatever benefits. You have a PSP-1000 because you can play free games. You have a hacked 360 because you can play free games. You'll buy a PS3 and get it hacked. . . So that you can play free games.

cemelc3241d ago (Edited 3241d ago )


WoW dont delude yourself, youre just a pirate hiding under the mantra of Homebrew.

The so called "p.o.s psp 1000" hardware still runs games just like the first day and just like the psp Go! today your point being???.

The psp is one of the most hacked console of all time, the poor support it has is cos of it, there is not looking beyong the hacking cos hacking is all that is left of that console. Making youre comment just all the more stupid.

The fact that you bring that console up is all i need to know what kind thief you are.

Blaze9293241d ago (Edited 3241d ago )

"You are one of them when it fits your mood, Blaze929) "

um...I'm not even a PC Gamer. PC + Games doesn't even exist to me.

"You have a PSP-1000 because you can play free games. "

free games? What games have came out for the PSP in the last two years even worth downloading o_O? I buy all my games buddy.

"You have a hacked 360 because you can play free games." 360 is legit, I pay and play on Xbox LIVE. No need to get banned and buy a new console.

"You'll buy a PS3 and get it hacked. . . So that you can play free games. "

um, already own a PS3.

what else do you want to be wrong at? idiot. As I said above, I buy all my games buddy. Got the library to prove it as well. so keep talking that nonsense as if you have any idea about what you're talking about. and I gave zero benefits? Looks like someone can't read clearly then....or all you saw was the word piracy huh? cry more :)

I jailbroke my iPhone, iPhone 3Gs and iPhone 4, does that make me a dirty pirate? I jailbroke those devices to pirate apps? $9.99 top apps? $10 f'ing dollars?

No, I jailbroke my iPhone so i can do what the heck I want to it that Apple does not allow or are to slow to bring to the firmware.

So what difference is there between hacking any other electronic devices, like smart phones, from gaming consoles?


@cemelc - delude myself? Oh right because you know me and who I am right? right.

The PSP does not get poor support because of it being simply hacked. The Wii and Xbox 360 are BOTH more hacked than probably every PSP sold to date. Don't see those two consoles receiving any less support do you?

It's so easy to blame piracy for a device that was doomed from the beginning with a company who didn't know where they wanted to go with it.

You can call me what you want. I don't really care. You don't know me and I don't pirate games. Mad because your precious PS3 is hacked? Think it will end up like the PSP? Are the 360 or Wii hurting because of hacking? No

I'll ask the same to you: So what difference is there between hacking any other electronic devices, like smart phones, from gaming consoles?

So tell me,

DaTruth3241d ago

The reason why PSP was so POS, was because developers didn't see the worth in working so hard on a PSP game just to see it pirated all to Hell and making no money!

I personally intend on playing good games when I buy hardware and whatever else the damn custom firmware can do, if it F's up that, it's not worth it! I'd rather pay for good games, than pirate crappy shovelware and play mods; I'd buy a mod machine for that!

cemelc3241d ago (Edited 3241d ago )

Lol im not mad why would I???

So losing any way to go online just cos you want to run a few emulators of ness is worth the risk of getting your a$$ banned from psn/live???? Yeah right... i mean what kind of app you could get from a console that you cant get from pc better.

Youre a pirate thats what you are, dont care if i dont know you, dont care if you lie about it, but dont pretend that ppl dont realize youre a thief.

Blaze9293241d ago (Edited 3241d ago )

Well there you go, to understand where I'm coming from you should probably know that I do not care about PSN or gaming online on the PS3 at all - like I said, I pay and use Xbox LIVE. I never do nor will I buy any multiplayer games on PS3 vs the 360. Same goes for multiplatform games - choice will always be 360.

So as far as, "So losing any way to go online just cos you want to run a few emulators of ness is worth the risk of getting your a$$ banned from psn/live???? Yeah right."

Yeah, that is right, because I couldn't care less about getting banned from a service I don't use. I prefer Xbox LIVE and always will. I only have 3 actual friends i KNOW on PSN vs the 25+ on LIVE. I won't be missed nor will I miss anything on PSN.

So yeah, "running a few emulators of ness" would be TOTALLY worth it for me :).

I don't know why you are even arguing with me or trying to change my opinion on this. Just accept the fact that there are people out there who like to toy and modify their electronics, not ONLY for piracy. Like you're trying to convert my religious views or something, give it up :)

cemelc3241d ago (Edited 3241d ago )

Let me get this, youre willing to play on live but youre not willing to play on psn???? Even worse, by that youre implying that theres worth in hacking the ps3 while not the 360...ummm i get it now, i wont spell it, but aside from pirate youre something else too(pretty clear by that post).

BTW you still dodge the question why hack PS3 for ness emulators while you can get that from the pc with all the support you could possibly want, you dont even need a core 2 for that heck i think a pentium 4 can run them all.

Heck youre even worse than the 10 year old pirate, at least they dont have the money to get games so they go the extra mile to get what they cant otherwise, you on the other hand didnt complain once of price tags and stuff, you just steal on the whim of doing so.

Im not trying to change your mind, wasnt my intention from the beginning just calling things for what they are.

jrbeerman113240d ago

@ CemelC

of course you dont need a dual core for ness games.

ANY Windows computer can run 8 bit nes emulator, I've seen computers in the garbage that can run nes emulators.

You can even run n64 on computers with less than pentium 4, not much but you can.

not like this really has anything to do with your point. lol sorry

vishant1013240d ago

were can i get a n64 emulator?

Mahr3240d ago

"It's funny that you claim there are major benefits to hacking consoles (aside from piracy) and you give exactly zero benefits (aside from piracy) to support that claim"

Using Linux, backing up games, backing up the boot software to brick-proof the system, playing fan translations, playing games directly from the HDD to minimize load times.

And that's with PS3 Homebrew in the sorry state that it's been (though that is all going to change, now). If you want to look at what Homebrew can do given some time, I would direct you to the product of the Wii community. Brick-proof, region-free, custom mods for games like Brawl, and with most games playable in full HD.

The modding community is a wonderful place.

rjdofu3240d ago

Damn, you are so selfish man, it's always about you and yourself. Hacking maybe good for YOU, but it's not good for the developers. By whom do you think your games have made? So you show your respect and support for your games' creator by downloading and playing their games for free? It's not entirely about sales anymore, it's about morality. Your argument about Piracy < benefit should be down the toilet.

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King-Leonidas3241d ago

hey guess what... i aint hacking my ps3

bananlol3241d ago

There are really only four things that would make me do it. Custom soundtracks in every game, mkv support, .srt support and finally external ntfs usb harddrive support. These are things that would be fucking awesome to have but never will be added for one reason or another. I say this because the ps3 has already been hacked, the damage is done, if i could choose betwen the features above and a unhacked ps3 then unhacked all the way. Tis because the games are the most important feature.

bananlol3240d ago

Another awsome hack would be the ability to load your profile and saves off a usb stick. And to be able to move console locked saves, wtf is up with that anyway? The saves are locked to a profile, why also a console? We could get a new web browser, crome perhaps? And a ps2/dc emulator in every ps3! We might even get gc/wii emulators. This whole hacking thing would be fucking awsome if people wouldnt use it to pirate ps3 games:(

gta28003240d ago

I'd consider hacking mine if I saw something that's even worth the hassle. Like some real cool custom firmwares or our own dynamic themes and stuff like that but I wouldnt pirate games. I buy all my games. I'd only ever consider pirating a game if it was some half assed game that deserves to be pirated. Like you know when lazy devs release a shit game with tons of bugs and just sucks in general and slap a $60 price tag and put it aside with great games that are worth that 60. But then again, it still aint ok to pirate shitty games...but just a consideration if I ever did lol.

PR0X13240d ago


Too bad ps3 games are not even worth playing lol. Hope someone ports XBMC to it so I can turn it on again hahaha.

dragon823240d ago (Edited 3240d ago )

By that logic there are only about six games on the market worth playing (Halo, Gears, Alan Wake, Fable, Splinter Cell, L4D). Because the rest can all be played on PS3. If you limit yourself to only six games then I feel sory for you.

badz1493240d ago

at 1st, it was only pirate, now there's a TROLL called PR0X1!

3240d ago
thedarkvault3240d ago

piracy sucks, but of all the consoles to be hacked PS3 is probably the one that should be. Only so people can use linux and utilize the power of the cell processor for other things like they used to be able to. but d-bags will be d-bags and of course there will be pirates. I don't see the point when 95% of my gaming fun is from online multiplayer which you don't usually get with pirated copies.

jrbeerman113240d ago

umm no... Piracy is why you dont have linux on Ps3. 360 and PC are hacked and we wonder what happened to pc and 360 exclusives.

psp failed due to piracy because you didnt even need to buy a mod chip. any kid with google can mod a psp.

also, tons of people hate playing games online, black ops was downloaded 4 million times on pc for singleplayer only.

The Lazy One3240d ago

PSP failed because of the DS, not because of piracy.

chainer30003240d ago (Edited 3240d ago )

@ Vaud-Villian:

Lol, did you really just suggest we only use 10% of our brain? You do realize that's simply an old nonsense statistic with zero backing. Way to try to sound informed and fall flat on your face :D

gta28003240d ago

Although I'm pissed at all those bummy motherfuckers that are gonna pirate games...I'm a little exited at the possibilities of homebrew. Maybe they can make all PS3's backward compatible with homebrew emulator? Dunno but then again I'd prefer an HD remake of a game then playing a shitty ass pixelated PS2 game on a HDTV.

solar3240d ago

bitch and moan all you want. the more sophisticating the hacking the better technology gets. it's a win win.

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Undeadwolfy3241d ago (Edited 3241d ago )

Tis a real shame. This is really gonna hurt Sony and I hear of 1 use activation codes coming with EVERY game on the PS3 from now on.

NYC_Gamer3241d ago (Edited 3241d ago )

this wont really hurt sony,because a lot of people will buy legit retail...just look at the 360 that console has been cracked but software is still being sold.

Chris3993241d ago (Edited 3241d ago )

Pretty sure Sony can still block/ ban online cheating/ hacked accounts and consoles just like MS does. So they could really just pull an X-mas ban wave like MS and rake in the console sales every year or so.

I understand that this is a software sort of hack, so they can reverse engineer like the PSP. Hypervisor is still untouched though (see: Eurogamer's DF article), but Sony really messed up on not including a random number in their code-signing process. That said, PS3 online use will be easier to track than PSP piracy, as the majority of PSP pirates rarely, if ever, play online (whereas almost all modern games feel the need to have an online component).

Edit: @ below. I don't understand fervently arguing over a situation like this is for. We have no idea, what - if any - Sony's response will be and piracy has existed on pretty much EVERY game platform for the past many years. That said, games and systems still sell, unabated. Piracy is not so publicly widespread, nor does it utterly cripple retail as these frantic articles might lead you to believe.

LunaticBrandon3241d ago (Edited 3241d ago )

@ Chris399
I wasn't aware late 2009 was yearS ago and I'm pretty sure the JTAG only works on Xboxs that came out around, before or after a certain date, not sure the requirement but not most of them.

Changing the disc drives firmware to play pirated games isn't cracking the console either. The rest of the console remains untouched. The PS3 is completely cracked at this point according to these guys. Its just a matter of time before it gets to the public.

nycredude3241d ago


Dude I know people who have been downloading and playing Xbox 360 games for years. Say what you will but it's been hacked for years. Same with the DS and PSP. And yes 2009 was years ago. It's 2011 already.

Stop the spinning bro. it doesn't matter what or how you do it. IE firmware, hardware, blah blah blah. If you can play pirated software then the console is hacked.

FailOverHero3241d ago

Major difference, wii and x360 need some sort of modification that can be detected online to be hacked. This hack requires ZERO modification at all.
Let me explain this to you this way, xbox and wii hacks are like a bunch of thugs storming into a bank, guns blazing and getting the cash and running off with the alarm screaming!
Ps3 hack is like getting a copy of the bank managers keys, along with every single door code and vault combination. Simply walk in, take what you need without triggering any alarms and waltz out.
Whats my point? There aren't as many people are willing to do the work required to hack an x360 or wii as there are people who would rather have it easy and with no detection.
If you think this won't hurt Sony then you haven't seen PSP software sales. If Vgchartz is to be believed, PSP has an attach rate of that with PS3's 7.17 and you realise just how much of an impact easy pirating have.
If attach rates mean nothing to you then let me simplify
Ps3 sales. 46 million. Games sold 330 million
PSP sales. 65 million
Games sold 190 million
See what I mean?

DeadIIIRed3241d ago

@Chris399 True that, but it's wasting resources and man power that could have gone on to improve the PS3, improve games under development, or development for the next Sony system. Imagine if Microsoft was able to divert some of its time and energy to fixing that whole RRoD event instead of their ban hammer. Every time these hackers win, we all lose something in the long run.

N4g_null3240d ago

Seriously this is not a problem. The fans will still buy the games. Just look at Wii and the 360. The ps2 was chipped a long time ago. Every one went to the bank anyway.

FailOverHero3240d ago

Just look at PSP game sales. . .190 million even at 65 million units sold. Thats less than 3 games per psp. You're underestimating the effects of easy hacking and easy piracy. Xbox and wii need mods. You need to wake up if you really believe this isn't bad

UCMEandICU3240d ago (Edited 3240d ago )

Lunatic, you are true to your name indeed.

The 360 was hacked and modded units available in 2006. It's funny how people totally just draw a blank with memory cause I remember how the 360 gamers were so mad at these hackers when news broke and they called them vile vermin

Now in 2011, the PS3 "is said" to be hacked and all I see is "Sony is teh doomed!!!" but the 360 has been for over 4yrs now but "that only helps MS win! lol" ... :/

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Undeadwolfy3241d ago (Edited 3241d ago )

Theres too much proof pushing towards it being legit. On Geohots website, he thanks Fail0verflow, remember a few days ago they were talking about the security of the PS3?

And Geohot has been working on it since before the removal of the Other OS feature.

Fishy Fingers3241d ago

Sounds like Geohot is after a job, probably worth considering.