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"Back in the 90s, before Master Chief suited up, and before Call of Duty hooked us in, there was Quake 3 Arena. A multiplayer focused First Person Shooter, it was the paragon of twitch gaming, and a staple in many a PC (and later, Dreamcast) gamers’ collection. Fast forward to the present day, and ‘Quake Arena Arcade’, essentially a Quake 3 Arena port, is now available to download via Xbox LIVE – but can it hold its own in an online environment that is vastly different from that of over a decade ago?"

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xtremegamerage3235d ago

Game is made for PC and will always be best on PC.

I've played this game from the beginning when it was beta and still play it with various mods etc.

I also played it on the dreamcast and you could even play dc vs pc.

But dc users did not stand a chance against mouse/key.

Quake3 in my eyes will be remembered as one of the best online games ever made.

bask_in_glory3235d ago

Not a big fan of the whole arcade shooting scene, especially for the consoles. I mean, quasi-arcade shooters like Timesplitters are sublime, but going full-out isn't my thing.