First PS3 images of F.E.A.R.

The excellent F.E.A.R. was announced as a launch title for PS3 yesterday, and these five images were released.

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achira5376d ago

yep, that a good one. nice to have it on the ps3.

achira5376d ago

yep, that a good one. nice to have it on the ps3.

irishguy5376d ago

What the crap is this? I come to this site EVERYDAY and have never registered. This article has forced me to do so. These are the Worst screenshots I have ever seen. i consider myself a Sony fan (NOT A FANBOY), but only because i have never considered owning an Xbox.

I have debated for weeks if i'll get a 360 or not, but when i see screens like this I cry. For all the power the PS3 has, For all of it's superiority, why does it look like poo??

Thats it. i have €600 in my bank account sitting there. Tomorrow I join "The other Side".

Hmmmm, i have never played a console online. Wonder what its like?

LAWMAN5376d ago

Well if you look at the comments within that article you will see a link to the 360 version . . . not any better.

I agree the screens look like crap. This could be because we don't have the capability to view them on a HD set with the PS3 or 360 as of yet. Or it could be that it plain sucks.

NewsGforce5376d ago

there are a few reasons why you should not join the other side.
A:online is free and you wont have to keep throwing in $50 a year that you could be spending on more games
B:you have to put into consideration that this game has been announced for the xbox360 at e3, thats over four mounths so you can expect the graphics to look alot better RIGHT NOW. vivendi is not going to make a crappy looking title for the ps3 but a great looking one for the xbox360
just please wait for more screens at the very least before you buy a xbox360. the game isn't coming out for a while so please reconsider. and look at games like resistance fall of man. those graphics are pimpin!
just please wait because you may regret it in the long run
and console online is really fun like on killzone or halo 2
i just don't like that you cant mod or use a keyboard and mouse(you can use k & m on the ps3, but not on the xb360)

The Real Deal5375d ago

spreading mis information are you. Not cool buddy.

1. xbox live is free for 3 months with the purchase of most live games.

2. xbox live year subscription is 36 dollars at walmart and through the dashboard you can pay monthly if you like.

3. the xbox had an adapter to use keyboard and mouse. I'm sure there will be one for the 360. its made by a 3rd party and it worked beautifully.

4. you get more bang for your GAMING buck with the 360. You will see many of the same games with identical graphics/gameplay but with less of an investment. So with that extra 200 dollars you save you can buy extra controllers or games. Sure, you can't watch blu ray movies on the 360 out the box...but if what you want is to watch blu ray movies on your 1080p tv...then get the ps3. But if you want next gen games, and money to spare for more games. Get the 360. The choice is clear. Jump In. We welcome you and don't demand you to chang3.

SjaakHaas5376d ago

Look at this pic from the 360 version:

and then at the PS3 version:

Did they downgrade the PS3 version?

DJ5376d ago

but because it's really blurry for...some odd reason. o well.

achira5376d ago

the be honest. the ps3 version has more detail and looks far smoother.

ACE5375d ago

they will say oh its blurry lol lol lol lol.

no fony fans its running at a lower res lol lol lol 1080p loll lol lol lol lol lol lol lol lol lol lol lol ool lol lol lol lol lol lol lol

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