GameShark - Apache: Air Assault Review

GameShark: Flying a helicopter in a combat zone is a ridiculously difficult mix of balancing and maneuvering an airborne chunk of metal while at the same time tracking and taking down targets. Apache: Air Assault lets you tackle that feat in all of its simulation glory or by putting on the training wheels and making the proceedings much more arcade-styled. Ultimately the game is a helicopter sim for both camps and manages to deliver a polished yet very narrowly focused experience.

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EazyC3241d ago

Wow, I tried the demo for this and I was genuinely surprised how well put together the game was as a whole! Definitely one for any helo fans. Having said that, it's a shame that there is a lack of helicopters in it, though I do think there are some others ( thought I saw a Hind as one of them)

Rob Hornecker3241d ago

If you liked the demo,then you will enjoy the full game. I find the helicopters easier to fly in apache than the ones in Battlefield BC2.

Be warned though,that apache does have a steep learning curve.but once you get the hang of you will love it. My hope is that there will be some DLC for it that will add some more copters,maps, and missions. Lets hope that the game sells well enough that it will happen.