MotorStorm Press Release From SCEE

Why not take a look at this new Motorstorm press release from the SCEE.

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specialguest5376d ago (Edited 5376d ago )

this game sounds fun, but c'mon, 1 player?!? i know it's multiplayer online, but only 1 player offline? what if you wanted to play with a buddy split screen? hmmm...

fortunately for me, i don't have buddies gathering around and i usually play against others online anyway.

Bill Nye5376d ago

I noticed that, too. What's the point of four wireless controllers if the games that should use them don't.

joemutt5376d ago

The console has to process double the amount and render it too. And lets face it, the PS3 doesnt have that many extra horsepower.

Come on guys, two player splitscreen? You are asking too much from sony, just be glad they gave you one player.

Bill Nye5376d ago

If the N64 can do it so can the PS3. All they have to do is lower the overall detail like splitscreen multiplayer games have always done.

Marriot VP5376d ago

didn't know that about splitscreen joe, cool.

OutpostCommand5376d ago

Joe, go away please.

As for the game, well yes its quite a pity that we will not have split screen-
lets just hope the online makes up for it.
Also, it better not be 6 player online-
that sucks.
It better be atleast 10 people.

T-Rac5375d ago

wow no split screen, now thats quite annoying really....

considering that I doubt ill get PS3 Online (or WA or w.e else Sony call it) that is a shame.

DJ5375d ago

i'm gonna have to agree with that. i was hoping to be able to play it with friends at my place. hopefully they just forgot to type it in?....-sigh-

Bhai5375d ago

200 vehicles, procedural ground, 20 players match, ambience level of the musical score, total physics based experience, online downloadable PS3 launch lineup is simply HUGE !!! I really get the chills when I think about it, even the Dark Kingdom runs 16+ hours with 3 story nuances, not to mention Resistance and WarHawk.

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