8 Possible Silent Hill 8 Titles

Silent Hill 8 was announced at this years E3, and many wondered why it was even called Silent Hill 8. If you follow the canonical path, this would be either 5 or 6. Homecoming was originally known as Silent Hill 5, but changes were made to the title. The next Silent Hill title can be called many things. In this article we think of a few possible titles and explain some reason behind them. Hit the jump for the full list.

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sam22363239d ago

LOL'd at the covers for 'Silent Hill: Redemption' and 'Silent Hill: Conviction'! Also, 'Silent Hill: Revelation' is already the second movie's title so I doubt that'll be used for any future SH game.

Arsenic133239d ago

That was mentioned in the description of that title.

I would rather Silent Hill Atonement.

Dellis3239d ago

This is going to be a flop, the original team Silent

not behind it= crap

Mr Tretton3239d ago

For once I gotta agree with you.

It's like hiring other people to be "X" greatest band of all time. Not going to work.

SH 1 and 2. Fuck everything else. I just want those 2 games to get the HD treatment and I'll be happy.

poindat3239d ago

Mmmm, I would kill for an HD double-pack of SH 1 and 2, akin to the God of War Collection and ICO/SOTC double pack. It needs to be done, seriously.

FrankMcSpank3239d ago

This one looks really good. I kind of fell out of love with the series, but the trailer tells me this one will be scary. Plus I am glad it feels like Silent Hill. Resident Evil has turned into such an action series, that I miss the days of pure fear. Plus SH's dark fantasy approach always was cool. That Japanese horror feel, of blood running down walls and passages revealed into secret rooms. I hope it turns out to be good. I don't want it to fail. I need a scary game, I haven't played one since Bioshock(and that wasn't really scary at all.)

pimpmaster3239d ago

silent hill : oh god not another one edition. why do they even make these, this is rivaling dynasty warriors at this point.

Bloodshedder3239d ago

silent hill 1 and 3, everything else sucks

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